10th INTEREST – Presentations Wednesday, 4 May, 2016

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 Session: Addressing 90-90-90 Implementation Challenges on the Road to 2020 and 2030
  HIV Testing Strategies: How to Reach 90% Knowledge of Serostatus
Dr. E. Marum, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
  Immediate Offer of HIV Treatment: How to Deliver on the Second 90
Dr. R. Toby, Yaoundé Central Hospital/Ministry of Health, Cameroon
 Insights and Lessons Learnt on Retention, Adherence, and Achieving and Maintaining Viral Suppression, The Third 90
Dr. T. Apollo, Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe
 Symposium: Janssen Therapeutics - Continuum of Care for Children and Adolescents
 Knowing Your Data - Update on the Epidemiology on HIV in Children and Adolscents
Dr. L. Tsague, UNICEF Regional Office, Sénégal
 Being Proactive - HIV Prevention in Adolescents
Dr. M. Mayer, Cameroon
 90-90-90 for All - Scale Up of HIV Treatment for Adolescents
Dr. V. Musiime, Joint Clinical Research Centre, Uganda
 Supporting Beyond Treatment - Care for HIV Positive Adolescents
Dr. R. Diagne, Sénégal
 Session: Oral Abstracts
  Decline in Positivity Rathes Among HIV-exposed Infants With Changes in PMTST ARV Regimens in Nigeria: Evidence from 7 Years of Field Implementation
Dr. H. Khamofu, Nigeria
  Favourable Outcomes of Paediatric Second-Line Protease Inhibitor-Based AntiRetroviral Treatment in Uganda
Dr. S. Boerma, The Netherlands
  Transmitted (Pre-treatment) Drug Resistance and First-Line ART Treatment Outcomes in Ugandan Children
Dr. H. Mugerwa, Uganda
 Ultra-Deep Pyrosequencing of HIV-1 Protease-RT Drug Resistance and Coreceptors in Cameroonian Children
Dr. J. Fokam, Italy
 Formal Debate: Resolved that 90-90-90 Cannot Be Attained
  1st Speaker Affirming the Motion
Dr. M. Schechter, Brazil
  1st Speaker Opposing the Motion
Dr. C. Mulanga, UNAIDS Cameroon Office, Democratic Republic of Congo/Cameroon
  2nd Speaker Affirming the Motion
Dr. I. Tita, Cameroon
  2nd Speaker Opposing the Motion
Dr. K. Sikwese, African Community Advisory Board, Zambia
 Session: Poster Discussions
 Prevalence of Undiagnosed Non-Infectious Co-Morbidities among HIV-Positive Subjects Stably Treated with TDG/3TC + LPV/r at Yaoundé Central Hospital
Dr. D. Fokom, Cameroon
 Current Profile of Dermatological Diseases and Events During HIV in Dakar
Dr. N. Dia, Sénégal
 Quality of Life Among HIV/AIDS Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy at Letlhakane Primary Hospital (Botswana): A Cross Sectionnal Study
Dr. L. Kumboneki, Botswana
 Maximizing EID opportunities using the DBS Mentor Approach in Rural HIV Clinics in South-Eastern Nigeria
Dr. P. Anyanwu, Nigeria
 Model-Based Pediatric Dosing of Ritonavir-Boosted Darunavir: An Alternative to WHO Guidelines
Dr. P. Mohammed, United Kingdom
 Getting Pregnant in Antiretroviral Clinical Trials: Women Choice and Safety Needs. Experience From The ANRS12169-2LADY and ANRS12286-MOBIDIP Trials
Dr. R. Toby, France
 Retention in Care Among HIV-Infected Pregnant Mothers on Life-Long Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in Uganda
Dr. S. Muhumuza, Uganda
 Immunologic Criteria are Poor Predictors of Virologic Outcomes in Nigeria
Dr. J. Okuma, Nigeria
 Factors associated with virologic failure in HIV infected individuals in Mansa District, Zambia
Dr. G. Mutaawe, Zambia
 Symposium: GSK - ViiV Healthcare: New Treatment Paradigm Shift: Putting Integrase Inhibitors in Alternative 1st Line in Resource Limited Settings - The Way Forward
 Dolutegravir in contributing the 90:90:90 ambition
Dr. T. Lukiana, France