10th INTEREST – Presentations Friday, 6 May, 2016

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 Session: Hepatitis B and C, m-Health in HIV Programmes
 Management of Hepatitis B and C in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr. M. Sida, University of Yaounde , Cameroon
 mHealth and HIV
Dr. C. Hesp, PharmAccess, , The Netherlands
 Session: Global Health Strategies and Financing
 Global Health in the Era of Ebola and Zika
Dr. P. Kilmarx, NIH, USA
 HIV Leadership and Financing Strategies for Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr. D. Zewdie, Global HIV/AIDS Program of the World Bank, Ethiopia/USA
 Symposium: Roche
 Roche Global Access Program (GAP) in Support of UNAIDS 90/90/90