10th Coinfection_presentations

Practical Management of interactions between DAA and ARVs
D. Back
Systematic review on non invasive evaluation of liver fibrosis
L. Castera
Virological monitoring of HCV treatment in the era of DAA
J.M Pawlotsky
Current treatment of HIV and HCV
K. Sherman
HBV management in immunopuppressed patients
M. Peters
Options for HBV treatment in case of TDF toxicity
C. Isnard - Bagnis
Non hepatic consequences of HCV and HBV infection
P. Cacoub
Management of cirrhosis in HIV infected patients
V. Mallet
HCC in HIV patients: epidemiology and management
O. Rosmorduc
Changing epidemiology of HCV mortality and morbidity in HIV patients
J. Rockstroh
Treatment as prevention in HCV
N. Martin
Treatment of acute hepatitis C: what are the next standards
C. Boesecke
Acute HCV reinfection and late relapse
T. Martin
Managing HCV and HBV in children and pregnant women
M. Klein
Access to care and who should be treated for HCV
S. Bhagani
Cost-effectiveness of DAA-based treatment
Y. Yazdanpanah
Treatment as prevention for HBV?
K. Brinkman
Viral hepatitis in resource limited settings: challenges and constraints
M. Lemoine
Debate: Everyone should be treated with HCV/HIV
K. Sherman
Debate: Everyone should be treated with HCV/HIV
M. Nelson
Challenges in treating Co-infected Patients
S. Bhagani
Use of Integrase inhibitors in Co-infected Patients
J. Schapiro
Clinical case presentation
M. Nelson
Hepatitis C: interferon and / or ribavirin free regimens
M. Puoti
EASL update: lecture on HCV monoinfection
L. Serfaty
Acute hepatitis C infection in HIV negative men who have sex with men
K. McFaul
Dutch Acute HCV in HIV Study (DAHHS): A study on the efficacy of 12 weeks of boceprevir peginterferon and ribavirin for acute HCV-1 in HIV+ patients
S. Hullegie
Loss of hepatitis B surface antigen is not common among patients infected with HIV and hepatitis B virus
A. Boyd
Sofosbuvir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C: cost-effectiveness analysis including HIV co-infected patients
B. Vandewalle
Overview on latest data on IFN-sparing and IFN-free regimens in HCV/HIV patients
P. Ingiliz
Drug resistance testing in era of new DAAs
C. Sarrazin
DAA-based treatment in cirrhotic and post-transplanted patients
A. Coilly