10th HIV Pediatrics – Presentations



Friday - 20/07/2018


Opening words
Lynne Mofenson, MD
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, USA


Opening Co-Chairs
(Not available)

Sibyl Geelen, MD, PhD
Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, The Netherlands


Henriette Scherpbier, MD, PhD
Emma Childrens Hospital / Academic Medical Center/
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 Session 1 - Pediatric Care and Treatment
Chairs: Jintanant Ananworanich and Mark Cotton
 Early treatment and clinical outcomes – does early ART
make a difference?

Louise Kuhn, BSocSc, BAHons, MA (Psych), MPH, PhD
Columbia University Medical Center, USA
 Controllers: post-treatment vs elite controllers – what do we know?
(Not available)

Phillip Goulder, MA, FRCP,CH DPhil, FMedSci
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
 HIV vaccines and broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody -
role in the cure agenda
Sandhya Vasan, MD
Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences/
US Military HIV Research Program, Thailand
 Roundtable: Talking with parents and children/youth about cure research
(No presentations available)

Debate: All children should be switched to dolutegravir-based ART regimens
Moderators: Diana Gibb and Natella Rakhmanina

Nandita Sugandhi, MD
ICAP at Columbia University, USA


(Not available)

Adeodata Kekitiinwa, MBChB, MMed
Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation, Uganda

 Oral Abstract Presentation 
 Low-to-undetectable initial viral loads in in-utero HIV-infected infants in the era of antenatal anti-retroviral therapy
Jane Millar,
South Africa
 Pharmacokinetic and 4-week safety/efficacy of dolutegravir (S/GSK1349572) dispersible tablets in HIV-infected children aged 4 weeks to <6 years: results from IMPAACT P1093
Theodore Ruel,
 Steady-state pharmacokinetics and early safety data in HIVinfected African children weighing ≥25kg after switching to 50mg film-coated dolutegravir tablets in the ODYSSEY trial
Anna Turkova,
United Kingdom
 Pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (B/F/TAF) single-tablet regimen in HIV-1-infected children (6 to <12 years)
(Not available)

Mark Cotton,
 Outcomes of second-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) in HIVinfected children: a CIPHER cohort collaboration global analysis
(Not available)

Kunjal Patel,
 Mobile technology for engaging children and youth in treatment and prevention
Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, MPH
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
 Oral Abstract Presentation 
 Alendronate improves bone mineral density in perinatally HIVinfected children and adolescents
Denise Jacobson
 Persistence of myeloid cell-associated inflammation in HIVinfected children after 8 years on early initiated therapy - The key role players in HIV persistence?
(Not available)

Shalena Naidoo,
South Africa
 Prevalence of depressive symptoms among Thai adolescents living with HIV using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) screening tool
Tavitiya Sudjaritruk,
 Caregiver depression and child neuropsychological outcomes in an observational study carried out in four Sub-Saharan countries
Michael Boivin,
 A randomized, controlled trial of a patient-centered disclosure counseling intervention for Kenyan children living with HIV
Rachel Vreeman,
 Session 2 - Pediatric Care and Treatment II 
Chairs: Sibyl Geelen and Victor Musiime
 SPECIAL SESSION - Update on WHO 2018 Guidelines
Martina Penazzato, MD, DTMH, MSc, PhD
WHO, Switzerland

Clinical case presentation
Moderators Gareth Tudor-Williams and Moherndran Archary

High income
Henriette Scherpbier, MD, PhD
Emma Childrens Hospital / Academic Medical Center/
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jason Brophy, MD
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Canada

Low income:
Tavitiya Sudjaritruk, MD, ScM, PhD
Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Grace McHugh, MBBCh, MRCPI
Biomedical Research and Training Institute, Zimbabwe

 Short oral poster presentations 
 IMPAACT P1110: Raltegravir Pharmacokinetics and Safety in HIV-1 Exposed Neonates: Dose-Finding Study in Infants born to Mothers receiving Raltegravir-containing ART
Diana Clarke,
 P1101: Phase i/ii study of raltegravir-containing regimen in HIV and TB co-treated children aged 6-<12 YEARS
Paul Krogstad,
 Steady-state pharmacokinetics and early safety data in HIVinfected African children weighing 14 to <25kg on film-coated dolutegravir 25mg tablets in the ODYSSEY trial
Pauline Bollen,
The Netherlands
 Exposure-Safety of Tenofovir in Pediatric HIV-Infected Participants: Comparison of Tenofovir Alafenamide & Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate
(Not available)

Shringi Sharma,

Saturday - 21/07/2018

 Session 3: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission
Chairs: Elaine Abrams and Lynda Stranix-Chibanda
 Too small, too soon: antiretroviral prophylaxis and treatment in preterm and low birth weight infants
Mark Mirochnick, MD
Boston University School of Medicine/Boston Medical Center, USA
 Challenges and successes in implementing rapid infant diagnostic testing
(Not available)
Patricia Fassinou, MD
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Ivory Coast
 Oral Abstract Presentations 
 PrEP uptake among pregnant and postpartum women: results from a large implementation program within routine maternal child health (MCH) clinics in Kenya
John Kinuthia,
 Role of Maternal Viral Load and CD4 Count on Perinatal HIV-1 Transmission during Breastfeeding in the PROMISE Postpartum Component
Patricia Flynn
 Diagnosing and treating more infants, faster: Findings from the first multi-country evaluation of routine point-of-care early infant diagnosis in eight sub-Saharan countries.
Jennifer Cohn,
 Impact of the introduction of HIV testing at birth on early infant diagnosis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 2010-2017
Elizabeth Chappell,
United Kingdom
 Growth patterns of HIV-exposed uninfected versus HIV-unexposed children in the context of breastfeeding and universal maternal antiretroviral therapy: a prospective study
Stanzi le Roux,
South Africa
 Short presentations: Universal ART for pregnant and breastfeeding women - Successes and Challenges
Chairs: Lynne Mofenson and Appolinaire Tiam
 Current implementation
Shaffiq Essajee, MD
Maria Kim, MD
Texas Children’s Hospital, USA

Debate: All infants should receive oral antiretroviral prophylaxis throughout breastfeeding


Amy Slogrove,MB ChB, MMed, PhD
Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Philippe van de Perre, MD, PhD
University Montpellier, France

 SPECIAL SESSION: Birth defect surveillance - Tsepamo Study
(Not available)
Rebecca Zash, MD
Harvard University USA
 Session 4 - Adolescents
Chairs: Rohan Hazra and Annette Sohn
 The emerging pediatric population: youth with behaviorally-acquired HIV
Sarah Bernays, PhD
The University of Sydney, Australia
 Oral Abstract Presentation 
 Multisystem chronic disease in perinatally HIV-infected South African adolescents on antiretroviral therapy
Lisa Frigati,
South Africa
 Virologic outcomes of perinatally infected adolescents in the period of early adolescence (10-15 years) in South Africa
(Not available)
Patience Nyakato,
South Africa
 Stunting and growth development for adolescents perinatally infected by HIV: males and females evolve differently. A multiregional analysis from the IeDEA global pediatric collaboration
Julie Jesson,
 Severe immunosuppression and viral failure in adult care among antiretroviral therapy-experienced young people with perinatal HIV in the UK
Hibo Asad,
United Kingdom
 Preventing HIV in young women in Africa – the importance of social protection
Lucie Cluver, MD, PhD
University of Oxford / University of Cape Town, United Kingdom /
South Africayyy
 Oral Abstract Presentation 
 Optimizing HIV case finding and linkage to care and treatment among adolescents in western Kenya through a comprehensive case finding intervention package
(Not available)

Judith Kose-Otieno,
 Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Pediatric and Adolescent Populations as Part of a Comprehensive HIV Testing and Treatment Program in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Sarina Dane,
 Characterizing the double-sided cascade of care for HIV-infected adolescents transitioning to adult-centered care in the IeDEA Southern Africa Collaboration
Tsondai Priscilla Ruvimbo,
South Africa
 Mortality and AIDS-defining events among young people with perinatal HIV following transition to adult care in the UK
Hibo Asad,
United Kingdom