10th INTEREST – Presentations Tuesday, 3 May, 2016

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 Session: Antiretroviral Treatment Optimization
  Where Do We Stand in 2016
Dr. A. Hill, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
 Treatment Optimization: The Advocates' Perspective
Dr. K. Sikwese, African Community Advisory Board, Zambia
  Acquired Drug Resistance: Causes, Patterns, and Implications for SSA
Dr. C. Kane, Dakar University, Senegal
 Symposium: Abbvie - The Road to 2030
 90-90-90: Closing the Gaps
Dr. S. Koulla-Shiro, Ministry of Health, Cameroon
  Evolving Treatment Paradigms: Relevance in Resource-Limited Settings
Dr. N. Paton, National University of Singapore, Singapore
 Session: Advances in Laboratory Science and Implementation
  Progress on Viral Load Monitoring, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Point of Care
Dr. J. Nkengasong, Centers for Disease Control and Preventio, Cameroon/USA
 Session: Emerging Pathogens in West-Africa: Lessons From and For HIV
  Lessons Learnt from Ebola Vaccine Trials in Emergency Settings
Dr. G. Enwere, World Health Organisation, Switzerland/Nigeria
  Lessons Learnt from Ebola Therapeutic Trials and Survivor Cohort Studies
Dr. D. Sissoko, Bordeaux Hospital University Center, Guinea/France
  Lessons Learnt About Good Participatory Practices in Prevention and Treatment Trials for HIV and for Emerging Pathogens
Dr. L. Mutengu, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, IAVI, Kenya
  Lessons Learnt About the Ethics of Trial Conduct in Emergency Settings
Dr. M. Folayan, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
  Ebola to Lassa Fever: Lessons Learnt
Dr. I. Salam, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Nigeria
 Session: Official Opening Session
  HIV in Cameroon
Dr. J. Bosco, Permanent Secretary, NAC, Cameroon
  Progress in HIV Prevention and Treatment Scale-Up in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr. C. Mulanga, UNAIDS Cameroon Office, Democratic Republic of Congo/Cameroon
  The Joep Lange Institute/Art and Science in the HIV Response
Dr. B. O'Dell, The Joep Lange Institute, the Netherlands