12th HIV Transmission – Presentations

  Session 1: Prevention strategies
Chairs: Christiane Moog & Eric Hunter
Vaccine induced susceptibility vs protection
Dr. R. Legrand, Commissariat á l'Energie Atomique, France
  Abstract presentations
 Identification of rapid and emerging transmission clusters from genetic network
Dr. T. Z.Kwan, Jockey Club School Of Public Health And Primary Care, The Chinese University Of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
 Phylogenetic, epidemiological and virological insights on the rise of large cluster outbreaks fueling the HIV-1 epidemic among Men having sex with Men within Quebec
Dr. B. Brenner, Lady Davis Institute, Canada
 A novel NRTI, EFdA, effectively penetrates and suppresses HIV infection in all individual compartments of male genital tract (not available)
Dr. M. Kovarova, University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, USA
  Session 2: Blocking HIV Transmission
Chairs: Gabriella Scarlatti & Stacy Carrington Lawrence
Passive antibody to block transmission (coming soon)
Dr. M. Cohen, University of North Carolina, USA
  Abstract presentations
 A Combination of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Prevents In Vitro SHIV162P3 Cell-Free Transmission More Efficiently Than Cell-to-Cell Transmission (not available)
Dr. K. Suphaphiphat, CEA, France
 Broadly neutralizing antibody against HIV-1 Env blocks infection of the first cell after mucosal challenge of macaques (not available)
Dr. C. Stahl-Hennig, Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH, Germany
 Non-neutralizing Antibodies Targeting HIV’s V1V2 Domain Exhibit Strong Inhibitory Activities (not available)
Dr. L. Mayr, Inserm U1109, France
  Session 3: Round table discussion: Making PrEP a success
Chairs: Tom Hope & Gina Brown

Making PrEP a succes
Dr. A. Wensing, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands
Behaviour perspective
Dr. I. McGowan, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA
  Abstract presentation
 New formulation of injectable and removable long-acting dolutegravir is effective in prevention of HIV transmission with high dose vaginal HIV challenges (not available)
Dr. M. Kovarova, University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, USA
  Session 4: Early events of HIV Transmission
Chairs: Walid Heneine & Jean Patterson
Trafficking of HIV out of the mucosa
Dr. C. Cicala, NIAID, USA
  Abstract presentations
 Defining the first phases of penetration and infection of HIV/SIV into the mucosal tissues (not available)
Dr. C. Ducloy, Inserm UMR 1109, France
 Intestinal Dendritic Cells and Macrophages Play a Different Role in the Early Events of HIV-1 Transmission. (not available)
Dr. M. Cavarelli, Cea, France
 The impact of specific N-linked glycosylation patterns on HIV-1 transmission fitness (coming soon)
Dr. E. Arts, University Of Western Ontario, Canada
  Session 5: Post Transmission Events
Chairs: Eric Arts & Phylis Kanki
  Abstract presentations
 Gut Dysbiosis During Acute HIV Infection (not available)
Dr. A. Wahl, University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, United States
 HIV-1 Vif adaptation to host immune pressure impact of cytidine deaminases and host HLA.
Dr. N. Reddy, Africa Health Research Institute , South Africa
 Deep sequencing reveals viral evolution in Gag within protective HLA alleles B*57:02, B*58:01 and B*7 supertype individuals acutely infected with HIV-1 subtype C in Durban, South Africa (not available)
Dr. K. Gounder, Hiv Pathogenesis Programme, University Of Kwa-zulu Natal, South Africa
 Unexpected antibody isotypes and neutralizing profile in patients controlling HIV (not available)
Dr. J. Klingler, Inserm Umr_s 1109, France
 Transmitted drug-resistance in newly diagnosed HIV drug-naïve individuals in Portugal
Dr. M.S. Pingarilho, Ihmt, Portugal
  Session 6: Round table discussion: Using transmission networks for targeted interventions
Chairs: Anne Wensing & Jan Albert
Introduction: Using transmission networks for targeted interventions
Dr. C. Boucher, Erasmus Medical Center,, the Netherlands