13th EU HIV & Hepatitis_presentations

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HCV related cancerogenesis
Dr. F. Ceccherini-Silberstein
Pan-European HCV Treatment on HIV infected patients from a clinical point of view
Dr. P. Ingiliz
Clinical Cases: HIV and HCV co-infection
Dr. A. Wensing
Clinical Cases: HIV and HCV co-infection
Dr. V. Svicher
Gene therapy approaches towards a HIV Cure
Dr. M. Nijhuis
Clinical cases: HIV
Dr. R. Paredes
Viro-immunological response to treatment of naïve HIV-1 positive patients with viral load> 500,000 copies / ml: a personalized treatment is needed?
Dr. G. Sterrantino
Children age, antiretroviral treatment and CD4 count are major determinants of HIV-1B evolution in pediatric patients
Dr. P. Rojas-Sánchez
Evolution of HIV-1 drug resistance in patients failing a standard thymidine analogue-based first-line ART: implications for the activity of next-line regimens from a longitudinal study in Mozambique.
Dr. A. DeLuca
Integrated HIV-1 DNA load during stably suppressive antiretroviral therapy is associated with the frequency of CD8 cells expressing HLA-DR/DP/DQ
Dr. A.M. Geretti
Comprehensive longitudinal characterization of HIV-1 reservoir markers in patients on stable antiretroviral treatment
Dr. M. Kiselinova
Resistance Post Week 48 in ART-Experienced, Integrase Inhibitor-Naïve Subjects with Dolutegravir (DTG) vs. Raltegravir (RAL) in SAILING (ING111762)
Dr. M. Underwood
Viro-immunological efficacy and tropism evolution in treatment-experienced HIV-1 infected patients starting maraviroc in clinical practice
Dr. D. Di Carlo
The HIV1 reverse transcriptase E138A polymorphism decreases the genetic barrier to resistance to etravirine in vitro
Dr. R. Saladini
Comparison of two-drug combination passage in vitro for drug resistance emergence among dolutegravir, rilpivirine, elvitegravir and 3TC
Dr. T. Yoshinaga
Virological Perspective
Dr. F. Zoulim
Analysis of genetic and viral determinants of HBsAg levels in patients with chronic HBV infection
Dr. A. Vergori
Genetic elements clustered in specific immune active HBsAg regions drive HBV reactivation under immunosuppression: an exstensive analysis of HBV genome
Dr. R. Salpini
A hyper-glycosylation in HBsAg characterizes immunosuppression-driven HBV reactivation and affects HBsAg recognition and quantification in vitro
Dr. L. Colagrossi
Key genetic elements in HBsAg significantly correlate with liver cancer onset by hampering HBsAg secretion and promoting cell proliferation in vitro
Dr. M. Surdo
Clinical Case: HBV reactivation upon immunosuppression
Dr. C. Alteri
How Genotypic Resistance Test in PBMC (Proviral DNA) May Help to Identify Hidden Resistance in patients with Low Level or Undetectable HIV-RNA?
Dr. M. Santoro
Improvement of HIV resistance testing by proviral DNA analysis and Next Generation Sequencing
Dr. N. Lübke
Impact of hypermutation on the results of deep sequencing analysis of proviral DNA for baseline HIV-1 drug resistance
Dr. K. Dauwe
European guidance on clinical management of HIV low level viremia
Dr. Hofstra
Integrase Inhibitors: Virology and Resistance
Dr. C. Boucher
Clinically relevant Drug Interactions
Dr. S. Khoo
Translation to Clinical Management
Dr. J. Schapiro
Drug Resistance to NS5a/b Inhibitors
Dr. C. Petropoulos
Drug Resistance to Protease Inhibitors
Dr. F. Ceccherini-Silberstein
European Registry of Hepatitis C Resistance
Dr. C. Boucher
Future treatment strategies for Hepatitis C
Dr. S. Zeuzem
Detection of the NS3 Q80K polymorphism by Sanger and deep sequencing in hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1a strains in the United Kingdom
Dr. A. Beloukas
Retreatment with an interferon-free combination of simeprevir-sofosbuvir in patients who had previously failed on HCV NS5A inhibitor–based regimens
Dr. C. Hezode
Comparison of two HCV-RNA assays assessing early response to simeprevir+PegIFN/RBV to select patients suitable to shorten therapy to 12 weeks
Dr. M. Gschwantler
Comparison of three commercial platforms for Hepatitis C Virus Genotyping and NS5B sequencing. GEHEP-007 study.
Dr. F. Garcia
Relevance of Hepatitis C Virus Sequencing for Genotype and Subtype Determination in the Era of New Direct Antiviral Agents
Dr. V.C. Di Maio
The Clinical Evidence
Dr. A. DeLuca
The Virological Support
Dr. C. Boucher
The global spread of HIV-1 subtype A epidemic: a phylogeographic analysis
Dr. D. Paraskevis
Patients infected with CRF02_AG are more likely to experience virological rebound under first line PI/r based HAART.
Dr. D. Armenia
Transmission of Drug Resistance in Europe: Overview of SPREAD Surveillance Program
Dr. M. Hofstra
Penetration of cART in residual sites
Dr. C. Fletcher
Re-activation of the latent reservoir
Dr. D. Margolis
Provirus viability
Dr. C. Petropoulos