17th HIVHEP-PK Videos



Other Viruses: using Wolbachia to interrupt transmission of viral infections such as Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika
Dr. Steven Kern, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA

 Hepatitis resistance and pharmacokinetics of DAAs
 The FDA Perspective on Hepatitis C Drug Resistance
Dr. Patrick Harrington, FDA, USA
 Long Acting Antivirals
 Target Concentrations
Dr. Angela Kashuba, UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, USA
 Janssen - Rilpivirine
Dr. Herta Crauwels, Janssen, Belgium
 Back to the Future: 40 years of Clinical Pharmacology
 Looking Backwards: Hormonal Contraception and ART
Dr. Kim Scarsi, University of Nebraska, USA
 Pharmacogenetics - Back to reality
Dr. Andrew Owen, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
 Will we see the Back of DDIs?
Dr. Catia Marzolini, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland
 The ‘Back Side’ of Compartments
Dr. Saye Khoo, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
 Back-terial co-infections
Dr. Mohammed Lamorde, Infectious Diseases Institute, Uganda
 Backing up clinical data with modelling
Dr. Marco Siccardi, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
 Clinical Guidance on how to interpret DDI’s
 Specific Complex Interactions (mechanic presentation)
Dr. David Burger, Radboudumc, The Netherlands
  Real life cases
Dr. Elise Smolders, Radboudumc, The Netherlands