1st International Workshop on HIV Adolescence: Challenges & Solutions – Presentations


Friday 6 October - Day 1


Ngwenya, Gwen 2017Introduction to the born between 1993 - 2007 cohort (not yet available)
Gwen Ngwenya

 Session 1: Adolescent: The individual
Chairs: Lucie Cluver

Rakhmanina, Natella 2016, 120The second decade: Physiology and health related issues in this decade
Natella Rakhmanina


hoare, Jackie 2017The second decade: Neurodevelopment and mental health related issues
Jackie Hoare

 Session 2: Adolescent: Their networks
Chairs: Marisa

Hodes_Rebecca 2017Adolescents and relationships and interactions with peers, family, role models, community and leaders 
Rebecca Hodes


Joynt, Katherine 2017Best practices and innovation (not available)
Katherine Joynt


Feedback on the break-out session: Meeting adolescents where they are: bringing services to adolescents

 Session 3: Adolescent: Risk
Chairs: Helen Rees
 Mullick, Saiqa 2017Adolescents and intimacy - sexual relationships 
Saiqa Mullick
 Cluver, Lucie 2017General risk and determinants of health (not available)
Lucy Cluver
 Delany-Moretlwe, Sinead 2014_120 lage resolSexual risk and determinants of sexual risk (not yet available)
Sinead Delany

Saturday 7 October - Day 2

 Session 4: Adolescent and Innovation
Chairs: Victor Musiime
 Gilbert-Nandra_UlrikeReaching adolescent girls and boys with health care: Novel approaches
Ulrike Gilbert-Nandra
 McDowell , Helen 2017Innovation in HIV (not yet available)
Helen McDowel
 Session 5: Adolescent and Innovation
Chairs: Linda Gail




Sandows, Stephanie 2017Case presentation by an adolescent: Adolescent and innovations
(not available)

Stephanie Sandows & Given Stuurman

 Ombija, Maryanne 2017The Red Carpet Program
Maryanne Ombija
 Coakley, Chelsea 2017Adolescent-centered HIV programming
Chelsea Coakley
 Gitau, MaqC 2017Demand Creation for SRH services among adolescents (not available)
Maqc Eric Gitau


 Advancing Paediatric & Adolescent Care in SSA [Johnson & Johnson] (not available)
 Pettifor, Audrey 2016Health behavior modifiers- what works in adolescents
Audrey Pettifor