1st APACC – Presentations

 Opening Session
 Honorary lecture: Future Challenges in treatment optimization for Asia
Dr. D. Cooper
  Towards an HIV Cure; understanding the major barriers
Dr. S. Lewin
  Towards an HIV Cure; clinical strategies and trials
Dr. J. Ananworanich
 HIV Drug Resistance
  HIV Drug Resistance
Dr. S. Oka
 An overview of drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 pol gene (Hong Kong, 1994 – 2013)
Dr. S. To
  Transmitted drug resistance mutations among antiretroviral-naÏve adult patients in northern Vietnam
Dr. V. Thao
  The impact of NRTI resistance on the public health approach to PI-based second-line therapy in resource limited settings
Dr. T. Le
  Next Generation Sequencing for Detection of Drug Resistance Mutations in HIV-1
Dr. Rakhmanaliev
 Perinatal, pediatric, and adolescent HIV priorities
  Elimination of perinatal HIV: the Role of Safer Conception Strategies
Dr. S. Weber
  They are not kids anymore: Standing at the crossroads of adolescent HIV Care
Dr. A. Sohn
  Psychosocial Determinants of Anxiety and Depression among Children of HIV-infected Parents: a 3-year Longitudinal Study in Mainland China
Dr. M. Xin
 Opportunistic Infections
 Advances in the treatment of Cryptococcal Meningitis
Dr. J. Day
  TB Clinical Management Challenges
Dr. N. Paton
 Concurrent outbreaks of hepatitis A and shigellosis among HIV-infected MSM in Taiwan, 2015-2016: the emerging threat of enteric coinfections
Dr. Y-C. Lo
  The Patterns of Primary Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis in Adult HIV Patients in HIV Integrated Clinic Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Jakarta in 2004-2013
Dr. K. Mastini
 Epidemiology / HIV Transmission
  HIV surveillance – Are we missing out on key populations?
Dr. Y-R. Lo
  Transmission networks among MSM
Dr. S-S. Lee
  Integrating PrEP in prevention
Dr. R. Grant
 Long-term Comorbidities
  Long-term comorbidities
Dr. S. Khoo
  Clinical case presentation
Dr. M-P. Lee
  Hyperlipidaemia and its association with CD4 recovery following antiretroviral therapy
Dr. D. Chan
 HIV Associated Osteoporosis in Singapore: Prevalence and Risk Factors
Dr. N. Chew
  Metabolic Syndrome among Malaysian HIV-Infected Patients: Preliminary Results from the HIV & Ageing Cohort
Dr. S. Naidu
  "Aspartate Aminotransferase to Platelet Ratio Index (APRI) is a Simple Test for Diagnosis Liver Cirrhosis in HIV Patients"
Dr. K. Mariad
 Hepatitis HIV Co-infection
  Clinical case presentation
Dr. Nelson
  Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin therapy for the Treatment of HIV/HCV co-infected patients with HCV GT1-4 Infection: The PHOTON-1 and -2 Trials|||| Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir for 12 Weeks in Patients Coinfected With HCV and HIV-1
Dr. J. Rockstroh
 Liver Fibrosis and Fatty Liver in Asian HIV-monoinfected Patients
Dr. C. Lui
 Modelling treatment scale-up in Australia to achieve global hepatitis C virus incidence and mortality elimination targets
Dr. J. Doyle
 Eliminating hepatitis C transmission by enhancing care and treatment among HIV co-infected individuals: The co-EC Study
Dr. J. Doyle
 HIV Vaccine Research
  Development of HIV Vaccine Candidates for Prevention and Treatment
Dr. S. Vasan
 Immune responses among participants with additional boosting of ALVAC/AIDSVAX vaccines after receving the RV 144 regimen (RV 305 & RV 306 studies)
Dr. P. Pitisuttithum
 HIV prevention and cure using a potent bi-specific bnAb
Dr. Z. Chen
  Using the HVTN model to conduct HIV vaccine clinical trials
Dr. X. Jin
 Clinical Management
  Sensitive Detection of Tenofovir-induced Tubular Injury with Urinary ß-2 Microglobuline in Vietnam
Dr. D. Mizushima
  Tenofovir-induced kidney tubular dysfunction in HIV-infected patients in Hong Kong
Dr. D. Chan
  Safety and efficacy of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate plus emtricitabine for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in Thailand
Dr. D. Colby
 Treat-all strategy decreased HIV infection but increased syphilis in a community - based MSM cohort in Ulaanbaatar in 2015
Dr. M. Takano
 Test and Treat strategy has high potential to reduce HIV and syphilis infections in a prison setting
Dr. T. Suthikiri
 HIV Testing & Counseling and Prevention Interventions in High Risk Populations
 High rate of HIV seroconversion among long-term repeat HIV testers at the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic
Dr. N. Phanuphak
 A randomized controlled trial promoting HIV self-testing with online real-time counseling on increasing HIV testing rate among MSM in Hong Kong
Dr. Z. Wang
 Go Viral On-line: Social Media Strategy in HIV Testing Behaviour in Hong Kong
Dr. N. Kwan
 A randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of a brief social media intervention in reducing sexual risk behaviors among MSM in Beijing
Dr. R. She
 Acceptability study on HIV Self-Testing among female entertainment workers, men who have sex with men, and transgender women in Cambodia: A Qualitative Analysis
Dr. K. Pal
 Hepatitis Viruses
 Hepatitis B
Dr. Locarnini
  Hepatitis C
Dr. C. Lai
  Hepatitis - HIV Co-infection
Dr. J. Rockstroh
 Novel Therapeutic Approaches/Future Challenges
  Long Acting Antivirals for Treatment and Prevention
Dr. M. Markowitz
  Innovative Clinical Models
Dr. N. Phanuphak