1st EUHEPCure presentations

Where are we now ?
Dr. S. Zeuzem
Global Plans - The Toronto Declaration
Dr. C. Boucher
Current Epidemiology data on HCV/HBV in Europe
Dr. H. Razavi
Progression of the disease
Dr. H. Wedemeyer
Mortality projection in the coming years
Dr. M. Buti
New screening/testing Technologies
Dr. S. Chevaliez
Screening policies
Dr. A. Hatzakis
Hepatitis C Treatment as Prevention: What is needed for elimination in Europe
Dr. N. Martin // Dr. M. Prins (combined presentation)
National action plan Spain
Dr. R. Esteban
National action plan Scotland
Dr. J. Dillon
National action plan France
Dr. D. Dhumeaux
National action plan Germany
Dr. H. Wedemeyer
National action plan Georgia
Dr. T. Tsertvadze
National action plan Poland
Dr. R. Flisiak