1st Microbiome-presentations

The viral microbiome in health and disease
Dr. D. Wang
Inflammation, the Microbiome and HIV Disease
Dr. C. Wilson
Gut microbiota diversity predicts immune status in HIV-1 infection.
Dr. P. Nowak
Feeding Practices and HIV Infection Modulate Infant Gut Microbiota Maturity: A Cross-Sectional Study Across Four Geographic Sites
Dr. F. Li
The short chain fatty acid butyrate reduces HIV-1 and pathobiont-associated increases in intestinal myeloid dendritic cell and T cell activation.
Dr. S. Dillon
Focused lecture: the Role of Microbiome in Microbicide use
Dr. J. Marrazzo
Role of vaginal microbiome in HIV infected women in relation to low birth weight infants
Dr. D. Money
Dynamic Vaginal Microbiota in Macaques Associated with Menstrual Cycle and Inflammation
Dr. N. Klatt
Vaginal Microbiomes Alter the Expression of Antiretroviral Drug Transporters Impacting Drug Efficacy
Dr. R. Pyles
Invisible influence: a microbial view of medicine
Dr. J. Gilbert
Gut Microbiome Metabolism of Choline and L-Carnitine and Cardiovascular Risk
Dr. W. Tang
HIV, the Microbiome and Non Communicable Diseases
Dr. C. Lozupone
HIV Antibodies frequently cross-react with intestinal microbiota antigens
Dr. A. Moody
The impact of the microbiome on immunity to vaccination
Dr. B. Pulendran
Potential cross-reactions between HIV-1 specific T cells and the microbiome
Dr. A. McMichael
Diversion of HIV-1 Vaccine-Induced Immunity By Dominant Gp41-reactive Non-Neutralizing Antibodies that Cross-react with Intestinal Microbiota
Dr. W. Williams
Gut microbiome, HIV-exposure, and vaccine responses in South African infants
Dr. J. Wendoh
Dysbiotic microbes translocate in progressive SIV infection
Dr. J. Brenchley
Role of the Microbiome in Latent HIV Reservoirs
Dr. A. Wahl