ICPAD2017 – Presentations



Wednesday 13 September 2017

 Ratain, Mark 2014_120Opening Lecture: Inter- and intravariability in PK
Mark Ratain, MD 
- The University of Chicago, USA
  Session 1: PK of Monoclonal Antibodies
  Chairs: Etienne Chatelut & Howard Gurney
 Garrido, Maria 2017ADA-formation and its effect on Mab PK 
Maria-Jesus Garrido, PhD - University of Navarra, Spain
 De Alwis, Dinesh 2016PK and PKPD considerations for dose selection in the development of pembrolizumab

Dinesh de Alwis, PhD - Merck Research Laboratories, USA
  Session 2: TDM for Targeted Therapies
  Chairs: Michelle Rudek & Maria-Jesus Garrido
 Keizer, Ron 2017Model-based TDM for oncology drugs 
Ron Keizer, PharmD, PhD - InsightRX, USA

Poggesi, Italo 2017 120Physiologically based PK model vs. Population PK approach during drug development 
Italo Poggesi, PhD - Janssen-Cilag, Italy

  Session 3: Drug-Drug Interaction
  Chairs: Lena Friberg & Stijn Koolen
 Nielka van Erp, PharmD, PhD - Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands

Clinical case discussions
Howard Gurney, MB, BS, FRACP - Westmead Hospital,  Australia

Clinical case discussions
(presentation is not available)
Guillemette Benoist, MSc - Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands 

 Trough dabrafenib plasma concentrations can predict occurrence of adverse effects requiring dose reduction in metastatic melanoma
(Abstract #O_01) Marine Rousset, France
 Evaluation of a physiological based pharmacokinetic model to evaluate the influence of covariates on sunitinib exposure
(Abstract #O_02) Ashley Hopkins, Australia
Session 4: Drug Transporters and Epigenetic
Chairs: Nielka van Erp & Michelle Rudek
 Sparreboom, Alex 2017Drug transporters as modulators of chemotherapy toxicity
(presentation is not available)
Alex Sparreboom, PhD - The Ohio State University, USA
 Schwab, Matthias 2017DNA-Methylation of ADME genes
(presentation is not available)
Matthias Schwab, MD - Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Stuttgart, Germany
 Association of NR1I2, CYP3A5 and ABCB1 genetic polymorphisms with variability of temsirolimus pharmacokinetics and toxicity in patients with metastatic bladder cancer
(Abstract #O_03) Litaty Mbatchi, France
 Quantification of anti-drug-antibodies impact on drug exposure of a new anti-cancer drug using a population PK modeling approach
(presentation is not available)
(Abstract #O_04) Candice Jamois, Switzerland

Thursday 14 September 2017

  Session 5: Optimal Study Design
  Chairs: Lena Friberg & Maria-Jesus Garrido
 Hooker, Andrew 2017 120xOptimal design – potential application in oncology drug development and clinical practice
Andrew Hooker, PhD - Uppsala University, Sweden
 Modeling of cardiac biomarkers in breast cancer patients treated with anthracycline and trastuzumab regimens 
(Abstract #O_05) Aurelia De Vries Schultink, the Netherlands
 The use of mathematical modeling to predict efficacious doses and schedules from pre-clinical data for the ATM inhibitor AZD0156 in combination with irinotecan
(presentation is not available)
(Abstract #O_06) Michael Davies, UK
  Session 6: Cancer Drug Regulation
  Chairs: Etienne Chatelut & Howard Gurney
 Moreno, Lucas 2017 120xTreatment optimisation in cancer drug regulation, adults /paediatrics
(presentation is not available)
Lucas Moreno, MD, PhD - Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús, Spain
 Drug-exposure response models for safety and efficacy in the use of doxorubicin plus lurbinectedin
(presentation is not available)
(Abstract #O_07) Carlos Fernandez, Spain
 Assessment of the release of daunorubicin from liposomes after administration of daunoXome® using population pharmacokinetics
(Abstract #O_08) Martina Liebich, Germany
 Erp, van, Nielka 2014_120The impact of dose and simultaneous use of acid reducing agents on the effectiveness of vemurafenib in metastatic BRAF V600 mutated melanoma: a retrospective cohort study
(presentation is not available)
(Abstract #O_09) Nielka van Erp, the Netherlands
 Development of an online drug-drug interaction resource to support prescribing of  oncolytics
(presentation is not available)
(Abstract #O_10) Nienke Lankheet, the Netherlands