3rd CEE Meeting on Viral Hepatitis and Co-infection with HIV – Presentations

  Session 1: Epidemiology / access to treatment
Chair: Jonathan Schapiro
 Maticic, Mojca 2015_120Local situation in in Slovenia and Balkan Countries (not yet available)
Mojca Maticic, MD, PhDUniversity Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia
 Golubovska, Olga 2017Local situation in Ukraine
Olga Golubovska, MD - Bogomolets National medical University, Ukraine
 Rassokhin, Vadim 2015_120Local situation in Russia
Vadim Rassokhin, MD  - First St. Petersburg State Medical University named Acad IP Pavlov, Russia
 Sandulescu, Oana_ 2016websiteLocal situation in Romania
Oana Sandulescu, MD, PhD - Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania
 Caplinskas, Saulius 2015_120Local situation in Baltic Countries
Saulius Caplinskas, MD, PhD - Lithuanian Centre for Communicable Diseases and AIDS, Lithuania
 Abutidze Akaki, 2016Local situation in Georgia
Akaki Abutidze, MD, MPH - AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Centre, Georgia
 Aster, Viktor 2015_120Local situation in Czech and Slovak Republics
Viktor Aster, MD, PhD - Charles University, Czech Republic
 Horban, Andzej 2014_120Local situation in Poland
Andrzej Horban, MD, PhD - University of Warsaw, Poland
 Hunyady, Bela 2017Local situation in Hungary (not yet available)
Béla Hunyady, MD - Somogy County Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital, Hungary
 Lazarus, Jeoffrey 2014_headshot_120x160Hep-CORE study: management of HBV and HCV infections throughout Europe
Jeffrey Lazarus, PhD - Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark
 Poljak, Mario 2017 120x160New testing strategies for HCV: how can we achieve the WHO targets? (temporarily unavailable)
Mario Poljak, MD, PhD - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
 Round table discussion: access to HepC treatment

Introduction to Access to hepC treatment in EECA
Key barriers to hepC treatment for PWIDs
Direct price negotiations
Compulsory licensing and patent opposition
MPP progress in VL

  Session 2: Challenges in the management of HCV infected patients
Chairs: Jürgen Rockstroh and Milosz Parczewski
 Peck-Radosavljevic, Markus 2017Management of HCC in HCV -infected patients
Markus Peck-Radosavljevic, MD - Klinikum Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
 Khaykin, Pavel 2014_120Clinical case: re-treatment of HCV DAA failure with 3-class resistance
Pavel Khaykin, MD - MainFachArzt, Germany
 Session 3: Epidemiology, clinical presentation and management of Hepatitis E virus
 Wedemeyer, Heiner 2014_120-160Management of Hepatitis E virus
Heiner Wedemeyer, MD - Medical School Hannover, Germany

Thursday 28 September - Day 2

 Session 4: Treatment challenges in HIV & HCV – special populations
 Parczewski, Milosz 2015_120Special challenges in curbing the HIV epidemic in Central/Eastern Europe
Miłosz Parczewski, MD, PhD - Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland
 Results of Hepatitis C virus (hcv) treatment program among people with hiv/hcv co-infection who inject drugs (PWID)
Mr. Sergii Filipovich
 HIV infection outbreak among IDUs in Minsk
Prof. Vladimir Eremin
 Session 5: Abstract - driven presentations
 Real-world effectiveness of ledipasvir/sofosbuvir in hepatitis C virus genotype 1, 2 and 3 infection: single-center experience within Georgian hepatitis C elimination program

Prof. Tengiz Tsertsvadze

 Clinical characteristics of patients seeking care for chronic HCV infection – results from the large observational study in Central and Eastern European region and Kazakhstan (MOSAIC Study) (to be published later)

Dr. Béla Hunyady
 Changes in demographic, epidemiological and virological characteristics of patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection in Slovenia between 1997 and 2010

Dr. Nina Kmet Lunarcek
 Prognostic factors for liver fibrosis regression following sustained virologic response in patients with hepatitis C treated with direct acting antivirals

Dr. Oana Sandulescu
 Direct-acting antivirals Ombitasvir/Paritaprevir/Ritonavir + Dasabuvir with or without Ribavirin in HCV genotype 1-infected treatment-naïve or treatment-experienced patients with or without cirrhosis: real-life experience in Lithuania and Latvia

Dr. Ligita Jancoriene
 Special session: Future directions of ARVs
 Boucher, Charles 2017Virologist Perspective
Charles Boucher, MD, PhD - Erasmus University, the Netherlands
 Clinician Perspective (not yet available)
Jonathan Schapiro, MD - Sheba Medical Centre, Israel
 Khoo, Saye 2012Pharmacologist Perspective
Saye Khoo, MD, PhD - University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
 Session 6 Future in Diagnostic & Therapeutic Approaches
 Otelea, Dan 2017 120x160Innovative diagnostics for HIV, HBV and HCV
Dan Otelea, MD, PhD - Nat. Institute for Inf. Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals”, Romania
 Van Damme, Pierre 2017The challenges in hepatitis B vaccination (not yet available)
Pierre Van Damme, MD, PhD - University of Antwerpen, Belgium