5th HIV & Women_presentations

Do you want to get pregnant?
Dr. M. Johnson
Challenges and issues in young women
Dr. M. Mardarescu
Total and Unbound Pharmacokinetics of Once-Daily Darunavir/ritonavir in HIV-1–Infected Pregnant Women
Dr. H. Crauwels
Pharmacokinetics (PK) of Etravirine (ETR) in HIV-1–Infected Pregnant Women
Dr. M. Ramgopal
Low prolactin and high 20alpha-HSD may contribute to cART-induced progesterone deficits in pregnancy
Dr. L. Serghides
Pregnancy risk among HIV-positive women using various forms of antiretroviral therapy and contraceptives in Kenya
Dr. H. Patel
PrEP during pregnancy
Dr. C. Hankins
Guidelines on infant feeding and HIV
Dr. M. Loutfy
The Path to Adulthood: HIV, Adolescents & Transition
Dr. E. Abrams
HIV-related structural, behavioral, and economic risks for young women
Dr. S. Delany-Moretlwe
Adolescents at Increased Risk of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in South Africa
Dr. N. Shaikh
Progesterone Increases are Associated With HIV Susceptibility Factors in Women
Dr. R. Haaland
The Association Between HIV Disclosure Status and Perceived Barriers to Care Faced by Women Living With HIV: The ELLA Study
Dr. M. Loutfy
Immunogenicity of the Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine in HIV Positive Women
Dr. D. Money
A description of the demographic profile and reproductive choices of women living with HIV in the Russian Federation: cross-sectional survey
Dr. L. Afonina
What the HIV clinician should do in the clinic
Dr. J. Currier
Sex differences in neurocognitive and mood disorders
Dr. S. Letendre
Health disparities issues in women
Dr. V. Wojna
Neurological trends in HIV – and HIV + infected people (in resource limited settings)
Dr. K. Robertson
Clinical case presentation
Dr. R. Berhanu
Factors Associated with Intimate Partner Violence amongst HIV-Positive Women in South-West Nigeria
Dr. O. Ezebuka
The Canadian HIV Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study (CHIWOS): an evaluation of women-centred HIV care (WCC)
Dr. M. Loutfy
“Research Shouldn´t Sit on a Shelf” - Optimizing the Health of Ontario Women Living with HIV Through Knowledge Translation and Exchange
Dr. M. Morshed
Is the gender difference in virological response to ART declining over time?
Dr. L. Burch
Gender and Race Differences in Persistence of HIV Treatment Regimens
Dr. M-C. Kempf
Genotypic Analysis of the Global Clinical Trial of Treatment-naïve Women: WAVES
Dr. S. Hodder
Peripartum Hair Levels of Antiretrovirals Predict Viral Suppression in Ugandan Women
Dr. C. Koss
Perspectives from the Patient
C. Samuels
Perspectives from the Pharmaceutical Industry
Dr. K. Smith