5th HIVaging_ presentations

HIV, Inflammation, Coagulation and Vascular Risk
M. Lederman
The epidemiology of stroke and vascular risk factors in cognitive aging
R. Gottesman
HIV and Aging: A Role for Neuroimaging
B. Ances
Risk vs. Benefits of Statins in HIV and Aging
P. Hsue
Effects of HIV and Combination Antiretroviral Therapy (cART) on Cortico-Striatal Functional Connectivity
B. Ances
Iron-Regulatory Genes are Associated with Aging-Related Neuroimaging Traits in HIV-Infected Persons: a CHARTER Study
A. Kallianpur
Diastolic function predicts impaired exercise capacity in older HIV-infected men
H. McClintic
Effect of chronic pulmonary lung disease on the decline in physical function in HIV infected and uninfected veterans in the Veterans Aging Cohort Study
K. Nieves-Lugo
Telomere Changes in Vivo With Age
N-P. Weng
The HIV proteins tat and nef promote human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell senescence and alter osteoblastic differentiation
C. Beaupere
Comparative Analysis of Macrophage Populations and their Contributions to Pulmonary Pathogenesis in Young and Aged SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques
Y. Cai
Characterization of peripheral B cells in aged individuals
A. Nipper
Longitudinal changes in free testosterone among older HIV-infected ans HIV-uninfected men
T. Brown
HIV, Depression, and Aging
G. Treisman
Frailty and age are independently associated with patterns of HIV antiretroviral use in a clinical setting
G. Guaraldi
Exploring aging trajectories among people with HIV and a general community-based cohort: transitions in health status and risk of death
T. Brothers
Accelerated Longitudinal Gait Speed Decline in HIV-Infected Older Adults
J. Schrack
Quality of Life and Self-Reported Lower Extremity Function in Adults with HIV-related Distal Sensory Polyneuropathy
M.L. Galantino
Premature Aging in HIV+ or Premature Conclusions? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
K. Althoff
Lower frailty index is associated with successful cognitive aging among HIV-positive adults age 50 and older
L. Wallace
Prevalence and Correlates of Research-Defined Successful Aging Among Older HIV+ Adults
D. Moore
The Influence of HIV Infection on Non-infectious Comorbidities in an Aging Cohort
S. Szabo
Switching to Stribild from a RTV-boosted PI or NNRTI with TVD Maintains HIV Suppression at Week 48 with No New Safety Signals in Subjects Age ≥ 50 years
D. Ward
Cytomegalovirus: driver of aging-related inflammation?
J. Margolick
Cellular Senescence and Aging Pathologies
A. Davalos