6th HIV & Aging Workshop – presentations

Mechanistic insights in frailty (pre-clinical)
J. Walston
Clinical and management aspects in Prevention/intervention
S. Studenski
Number of cardiometabolic disorders is associated with degree of frailty among people aging with HIV
T. Brothers
The effect of frailty-related phenotype on death is independent of three inflammatory markers among HIV-infected men receiving antiretroviral therapy
D. Ng
Two methods of measuring frailty among people aging with HIV
G. Guaraldi
Ecological momentary assessment of daily functioning among older adults living with HIV
R. Moore
HIV-infected aging patients: which relationship between precarity, frailty and comorbidity?
P. Enel
Role of the Microbiome in HIV infection (treated / untreated patients)
C. Wilson
Friends with Benefits: The Gut Microbiota as a Key Regulator of Physiology & Behaviour Across the Lifespan
J. Cryan
Aging amplifies HIV neurocognitive impairment
I. Grant
The association between comorbidities and neurocognitive impairment in aging Veterans with HIV
A. Perra
Global Gray Matter Atrophy Associated with Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV
P. De Alwis
Perceived Stress influences prefrontal cortex function in midlife women with HIV infection
L. Rubin
Longitudinal association between depressive phenotype and cognitive impairment in men with and without HIV
N. Armstrong
Aging lung/Smoking
G. Kirk
HIV Patients Exhibit Similar Rates of Emphysema Progression Observed in Older HIV-Uninfected Patients with Higher Cumulative Smoke Exposure
J. Leung
Incidence of non-AIDS-defining cancers (NADCs) between 1984 and 2014 in the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS) by HIV status and viral infection etiology
E. Seaberg
Trends of non-HIV chronic comorbidities among HIV-positive individuals on highly active antiretroviral therapy in British Columbia from 2000-2009
B. Gali
Radiological testing in Cardovascular diseases
A. Tawakol
Monoclonal antibody pipeline/ Treatment of Inflammation
L. Calabrese
Impact of maraviroc, dolutegravir and darunavir/ritonavir on human coronary endothelial cells functions according to age
J. Capeau
Loss of CD96 Expression as a New Biomarker for T-cell Senescence in HIV-1 Infection
M. El-Far
Differences in associations of CD4/CD8 ratio, sex, and age on risk of mortality in HIV-infected adults on ART
J. Castilho
Diabetes/Obesity, Exercise -- muscle function
R. Kalyani
Diabetes/Obesity, Exercise -- brain
M. Thambisetty
Brief Intro + Pro - standpoint
J. Triant
Brief Intro + Con- standpoint
E. Michos