6th HIVpediatrics – presentations

Pediatric Cure Research Update
D. Persaud
Pediatric Cure in Resource-constrained Settings
J. Ananworanich
HIV Remission Following Very Early cART
K. Luzuriaga
HIV Antibody Detection in Children Who Started Antiretroviral Treatment in Infancy
L. Kuhn
All HIV-infected Children Regardless of Age, CD4 or Viral Load, Should Start on Therapy as Soon as Diagnosed // Pro - standpoint
G. Tudor-Williams
All HIV-infected Children Regardless of Age, CD4 or Viral Load, Should Start on Therapy as Soon as Diagnosed // Con - standpoint
L. Mofenson
Performance of Dried Blood Spot Specimens Prepared under Field Conditions to Identify Virologic Failure among Kenyan Children on Antiretroviral Therapy 
M. Schmitz
Time to First-Line ART Failure and Switch to Second-Line ART in the IeDEA Pediatric Cohort
A. Sohn
Stavudine: a Viable Drug Option for Children in Resource Limited Settings?
R. Strehlau
Safety and Efficacy of a Rilpivirine-based Regimen in HIV-infected Treatment-naïve Adolescents: Week 24 primary Analysis of the PAINT Phase II Trial
J. Lombaard
Safety, Efficacy and Pharmacokinetics of the Integrase Inhibitor-Based Stribild Single-Tablet Regimen in HIV-infected Treatment-Naïve Adolescents Through 24 Weeks
E. Quirk
Rationalization of the Pediatric Antiretroviral Formulary to Optimize Pediatric Antiretroviral Treatment in Malawi
N. Sugandhi
Preventing HIV among Young People: Current Status and Research Priorities for Future
S. Kasedde
The Power of Knowing: Experiences of Youth and Caregivers with Pediatric HIV Disclosure
L. Butler
Tenofovir DF (TDF) Plus an Optimized Background Regimen (OBR) in HIV-1 Infected Adolescents Failing a Regimen: Study GS-US-104-0321 Final Results
E. Quirk
Prevalence of and Progression to Abnormal Non-Invasive Markers of Liver Disease (APRI and FIB-4) among US HIV-infected Youth
G. Siberry
3TC/FTC Monotherapy vs. Continuing Failing cART as a Bridging ART Strategy in Persistently Non-adherent HIV-infected Youth with M184V Resistance: Results of IMPAACT P1094
A. Agwu
CHAPAS 3: A Randomised Trial Comparing Stavudine vs Zidovudine vs Abacavir as NRTI Backbone in NNRTI-based First-line ART in 478 HIV-infected Children in Uganda and Zambia
V. Musiime
The Double Dividend: Aligning Paediatric HIV Care and treatment Implementation with Broader Child Survival Efforts - outcomes of the Harare consultation
C. Luo
Infant Diagnosis in the “Option B+” Era
M. Penazzato
Update on “Option B+” – Successes and Challenges
J. McIntyre
All HIV-exposed Infants Should Receive Triple Drug Antiretroviral Prophylaxis // Pro - standpoint
P. Flynn
All HIV-exposed Infants Should Receive Triple Drug Antiretroviral Prophylaxis // Con - standpoint
H. Lyall
Safety of Triple Drug Antiretroviral Prophylaxis in High Risk HIV-Exposed Neonates
F. Kakkar
Nevirapine Pharmacokinetics in HIV-exposed Neonates Receiving Triple Combination Antiretroviral Therapy as Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
J. Brophy
Creating Demand for and Retention in Maternal and Child Health(MNCH) including PMTCT services: A Randomized Community Based Peer Facilitator Intervention in Rural Zimbabwe
R. Musarandega
Measuring the Impacts of Health Facility Reinforcement and EID and EPI Service Integration on Testing and Immunization Services in Southern Province, Zambia
A. Mwango
Persistent Inflammation Despite Effective ART in Children with HIV Infection
G. Siberry
Tuberculosis in HIV-infected Children in Thailand: Prevalence, Incidence and Mortality
N. Salvadori
The Impact of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy and Antiretroviral Therapy on TB Incidence in Children Living with HIV in Vietnam
J. Brophy
Case Presentation: Chronic Lung Disease Including TB
B. Marais
Effect of Calcium and Cholecalciferol Supplement on Bone Mass Accrual among Perinatally HIV-infected Adolescents with Osteopenia
T. Puthanakit