Session 1: Biological aging
Chairs: Julian Falutz and Joseph Margolick
Phenotype of aging (not available)
George Kuchel , MD,  UCONN Health, USA
Clinical Trials Targeting Aging to Extend Healthy Lifespan 
Jamie Justice , PhD, Wake Forest School of Medicine, USA
The biology of superagers
Nir Barzilai , MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA 
  Session 2: Biological aging : abstract-driven presentations
Chairs: Charles Flexner
  Inability of ART to restore age-appropriate epigenetic patterns in HIV-Infected Adults (not available)
Beth Jamieson-Karavodin , David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, USA
  Mitochondrial DNA variation associated with gait speed decline among older HIV-infected non-Hispanic white males
Jing Sun , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health, USA
 Limited evidence of biological aging in early-treated HIV-infected children (Not available)
Stephanie Shiau , Columbia University, USA
  Metformin suppresses human cytomegalovirus infection: an underlying mechanism for metformin’s “geroprotective” effect? (not available)
Sean Leng , Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
  Session 3: Aging and CNS safety of HIV interventions
Chairs: David Moore and Bruce Brew
HIV eradication strategies and the CNS
Serena Spudich , MD, Yale University, USA
Antiretroviral neurotoxicity in aging adults
Scott Letendre , MD, University of California, USA 
  Session 4: Aging and CNS safety of HIV interventions: abstract-driven presentations
Chairs: Madhav Thambisetty and Scott Letendre
  OMICS in the context of aging and Alzheimer's disease
Madhav Thambisetty , MD, NIA / NIH, USA
 Common SNPs in the HFE (Hemochromatosis) gene are associated with neurocognitive impairment and aging-related neurodegenerative processes in HIV+ adults (not available)
Asha Kallianpur , Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA
  Lower brain volume and elevated chronic monocyte activation correlate with cognitive impairment in well-controlled older HIV+ individuals (not available)
Tricia Burdo , Temple University Lewis Katz School Of Medicine, USA
  Cognition, mood and quality of life in 706 HIV+ men in Canada
Marie-Josée Brouillette , McGill University Health Centre, Canada
 Cognitive impairment in symptomatic HIV over age 60 (not available)
Shireen Javandel , UC San Francisco, USA
  Session 5: The effect of exercise and diet on aging
Chair:Russell Tracy
Exercise and aging
Wendy Kohrt , PhD, University of Colorado, USA
Stress and aging (not available)
Gretchen Neigh , PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Interrelationships of nutrition and aging (not available)
Connie Bales , PhD, Duke University, USA
  Session 6: The effect of exercise and diet on aging: abstract-driven presentations
Chairs: Meredith Greene and Todd Brown
 Adherence to recommendations from comprehensive geriatric assessment in an HIV+ population (not available)
Christiana Bitas , Weill Cornell Medical College, USA
  Lean mass declines consistently over 10 Years in HIV-Infected adults on antiretroviral therapy, with patterns differing by sex  (NOTE: results not yet published)
Jordan Lake , UTHealth, USA
  Steps count is associated with adverse health outcomes in HIV patients better than traditional HIV variables
Giovanni Guaraldi , University of Modena, Italy
  "The relationships between CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses to human cytomegalovirus, circulating inflammatory markers, and frailty in HIV- and HIV+ men in the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study " (not available)
Joseph Margolick , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
  Session 7: Delivering research progress to patients
Chairs: Jules levin, Julian Falutz, Kristine Erlandson
Current reality: The San Francisco experience
Meredith Greene , MD, UCSF School of Medicine,USA
Current reality: The New York experience
Eugenia Siegler , MD, Weill Cornell Medical College,USA
The community perspective
Jules Levin , MS, NATAP,USA
The researcher perspective
Phyllis Tien , MD, University of California,USA
The NIH perspective
Maureen Goodenow , PhD NIH / OAR,USA