8th INTEREST – workshop 2

Implementation Science
Couple of models from different countries and how it works in the field (including patient integration)
Dr. Robb Sheneberger
ARV supply chain management and HIV drug resistance (reports from Zambia, SA, Zimbabwe, Cameroon etc.)
Dr. Cissy Kityo
Transitioning adolescents to adult HIV care
Dr. Jonathan Mwansa
Rationale, design and implementation of the HPTN 071/PopART study (a cluster randomized study of the population impact of an HIV combination prevention and treatment)intervention including universal testing
Dr. Kwame Shanaube
Communication strategy for immediate access to ART for all: Emerging lessons from Swaziland
Dr. Emma Mafara
Dr. Linda-Gail Bekker
Scale up of male circumcision in Zambia
Dr. Albert Kaonga