9th INTEREST_presentations

Responding to an epidemic: perspective from Sierra Leone and Guinee
Dr. P. Kilmarx
Responding to an epidemic: perspective from Liberia
Dr. B. Hunter
Vaccine and drugs pipeline and trials: passive immunization (convalescent serum) and regulatory issues
Dr. P. Kilmarx
AbbVie Satellite
Managing HIV in resource-limited settings - Growing the momentum
Progress and challenges in PMTCT: the unfinished agenda
Dr. C. Luo
Gilead Satellite
Debate resolved that the continent of Africa is not yet ready to treat Hepatitis C
HIV in Zimbabwe
Dr. T. Apollo
Progress in HIV prevention and treatment scale-up in sub-Saharan Africa
Dr. M. Bartos
Joep Lange: Lessons for young and early career investigators
Dr. R. Koup
Female-initiated HIV Prevention Methods: Past, Present and Future
Dr. N. Mgodi
Preventing HIV infection in young women – does money matter?
Dr. S. Delany-Moretlwe
PrEP, learning from post-trial studies and demonstration projects
Dr. K. Ngure
Janssen Satellite
"I am who I am " - Teens living with HIV

 Q&A panel answers
The price of selling sex: HIV among female sex workers - Context and the public health response
Dr. E. Sibanda
Medication Adherence: How much is enough?
Dr. T. Blaschke
Latest findings from Zimbabwe’s ongoing STI etiology study
Dr. K. Rietmeijer
Update on STI diagnostics, e.g., use of Gene-Xpert for GC/CT testing
Dr. F. Ndowa
Implementing the new WHO post-exposure prophylaxis guidelines
Dr. F. Venter
Beyond IRIS TB, how common is tuberculosis among patients on ART?
Dr. P. Katayamoyo
Assessing linkage between HIV-testing and care/treatment, by mode of HIV-testing in public hospitals in South-rift Kenya
Dr. J. Mutugi M’Muriithi
ARISE: Africa Research Initiative and Support – Network
Dr. E. Gomo
Use of Satellite Clinics to Improve the Health Outcomes of HIV Clients at Chilonga Mission Hospital, Zambia
Dr. E. Mwila
Sex differences in uptake of HIV services in Nigeria: Implications for future programming
Dr. M. Saleh
Improving PMTCT services through a participatory Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) approach in Nyanza region of Western Kenya
Dr. M. Mburu
Cervical cancer screening programmes: A case of an antiretroviral access programme in a resource limited setting
Dr. M. Pascoe
Debate: PrEP is ready for prime time in Africa: Team affirming the motion
Dr. L-G. Bekker
Debate: PrEP is ready for prime time in Africa: Team opposing the motion
Dr. F. Venter
Debate: PrEP is ready for prime time in Africa: Team opposing the motion
Dr. G. Gomez
Antiretroviral therapy update: impact of the 2014 WHO guidelines and improving the cascade in resource-limited settings
Dr. N. Ford
Viral Load Monitoring: Challenges and Innovation in Laboratory Diagnostic Implementation
Dr. M. Mine
Overview of findings from early treatment initiation studies
Dr. R. Ferrand
Reservoirs and HIV Cure in Adults and Children: Insights and Challenges
Dr. C. Tiemessen
Research update
Dr. M. Tshimanga
Programmatic progress and challenges: rollout and devices
Dr. K. Hatzold
HIV vaccine strategies
Dr. H. Kibuuka
HIV vaccine trials: Lessons from efficacy trials and opportunities for future research
Dr. P. Moore
Adherence assessment techniques in adolescents receiving protease inhibitor based antiretroviral therapy in a resource limited setting
Dr. T. Mudzviti
Delays in confirming suspected treatment failure and in switching to second-line antiretroviral therapy in Kenya
Dr. J. P. Otieno
Pretreatment HIV drug resistance increases regimen Switch in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr. B. Hoederboom
Retention and long-term virologic outcomes in children and adolescents receiving HIV/ART care at a public sector tertiary level hospital in Zimbabwe
Dr. T. Makadzange
HIV infection among patients with sexually transmitted infections in Zimbabwe
Dr. M. Mungati
Early infant diagnosis data transmission system using mobile phones in Zimbabwe
Dr. H. Chidawanyika
Optimising uptake of PrePex circumcision among adult males through a mobile caravan in Chitungwiza town, Zimbabwe
Dr. P. Chatikobo
Delays in initiation of antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected children in rural Zambia
Dr. F. Hamangaba
Round table: Treatment as Prevention (TaSP) studies; ANRS TasP in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
Dr. J. Larmarange
Round table: Treatment as Prevention (TaSP) studies; MAX-ART (Swaziland)
Dr. S. Mazibuko
Round table: Treatment as Prevention (TaSP) studies; SEARCH (Uganda and Kenya)
Dr. M. Kamya
Round table: Treatment as Prevention (TaSP) studies; PopART (Zambia and South Africa)
Dr. K. Sabapathy
Principles and reality of HIV drug resistance in sub- Saharan Africa
Dr. D. Richman
Long-term effectiveness of ART and HIVDR development in Africa
Dr. K. Sigaloff
Genesis of drug resistance in tuberculosis in South Africa
Dr. R. Warren
Antimalarial drug resistance in South Africa: Past, present and future!
Dr. J. Raman
Building laboratory networks and systems to prevent, detect and respond to antimicrobial resistance in Africa
Dr. T. Maruta
ViiV Satellite
ART in 2015 - have we achieved our goals? Understanding the need to improve 1st and 2nd line treatment going forward

Dr. F. Venter
Dr H. Kessler