9th Pediatrics presentations

 Friday July 21

  Session 1: Pediatric Treatment and Management
  Chair: Elaine Abrams
 Mahy, Mary 2017 120x160Latest Estimates for Pediatric/Adolescent HIV Prevalence and Coverage
Dr. Mary Mahy
 Siberry, George 2013What Have We Learned from the ACT Initiative – identifying and treating children with HIV infection
Dr. George Siberry
 Rakhmanina, Natella 2016_120The Hidden Pediatric HIV Epidemic in Eastern Europe
Dr. Natella Rakhmanina
 Ekouevi, Didier 2013Challenges and Triumphs of Pediatric HIV Care and Treatment in West/Central Africa
Dr. Didier Ekouevi
  Debate: Integrase Inhibitor-Based ART should be First-Line Therapy for Children
  Chair: Gareth Tudor-Williams
 Faye, Albert 2016 120Debate: Integrase Inhibitor-based ART should be first-line therapy for children
Dr. Albert Faye
 Musiime, Victor 2016 120Debate: Integrase Inhibitor-based ART should be first-line therapy for children
Dr. Victor Musiime
  Oral Abstract Presentations
  Chair: Jintanat Ananworanich
  Comparing Conventional to Point-of-Care (POC) Early Infant Diagnosis (EID): Pre and post intervention data from a multi-country evaluation
Dr. Jennifer Cohn
  Virological dynamics in HIV-infected infants following very early antiretroviral treatment
Dr. Renate Strehau
  Characteristics and outcomes of infants initiating early antiretroviral therapy in South Africa, 2006-2016 – The International epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS Southern Africa (IeDEA-SA) Collaboration.
Dr. Victoria Iyun
  Age-stratified rates of mortality and key clinical events in youth aged 0-24 years in the multiregional IeDEA network
Dr. Sophie Desmonde
  Incidence of virological failure to first-line ART among children in Europe and Thailand
Dr. Ruth Goodall
  Multi-month prescription of antiretroviral therapy and its feasibility - experiences from the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS initiative (BIPAI) in six Southern African countries
Dr. Maria Kim
  Session 2: Models and Comorbidities/Coinfections
  Chair: Mark Cotton
 Chahroudi, Ann 2016Using Infant Animal Models to Advance Pediatric HIV Prevention, Vaccines and Cure
Dr. Ann Chahroudi
 Andersson, Monique 2017Viral Hepatitis Mother-to-Child Transmission: Applying Lessons from HIV to HBV/HCV
Dr. Monique Andersson
  Case Management of Mycobacterial Infections/HIV
  Chair: Gareth Tudor-Williams
 Tudor-Williams, Gareth 2010Case Management of Mycobacterial Infections//HIV - High Resource Country
Dr. Gareth Tudor Williams
 Barlow, Linda 2017 120x190Case Management of Mycobacterial Infections//HIV - Low Resource Country
Dr. Linda Barlow
  Oral Abstract Presentations
  Chair: Victor Musiime
  Structured and Culturally-Relevant Disclosure Intervention Improves Pediatric HIV Disclosure in Ghana: The SANKOFA Experience
Dr. Elijah Paintsil
  "Growth evolution and stunting among HIV-infected adolescents in the multiregional IeDEA cohort consortium"
Dr. Julie Jesson
  Structural brain changes and associations in perinatally infected younger adolescents in CTAAC
Dr. Jacqueline Hoare
  Poster Presentations
  Chair: Victor Musiime
  Structural brain changes and associations in perinatally infected younger adolescents in CTAAC
Dr. Jacqueline Hoare
  Impacts of vitamin D and calcium supplementation on bone mineral density among perinatally HIV-infected adolescents: A 48-week randomized clinical trial
Dr. Tavitiya Sudjaritruk
  Early clinical and social outcomes at and after transfer from pediatric to adult HIV care in Asia
Dr. Annette Sohn
  Endothelial dysfunction in HIV-infected children
Dr. Sahera Dirajlal-fargo
  Does HIV-Related Vascular Disease Gradually Improve with Accumulating Time on ART? Data from CHER
Dr. Steven Innes

Saturday July 22 

 Session 3: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission
  Chair: Carlo Giaquinto
 Drake, Alison 2017 120x160A Last Barrier to eMTCT: Acute HIV Infection in Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
Dr. Allison Drake
 Mandelbrot, Laurent 2017 120x160New Therapeutic Approaches to ART in Pregnancy
Dr. Laurent Mandelbrot
 Oral Abstract Presentations
  Chair: Carlo Giaquinto
  Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcomes following Prenatal Exposure to Dolutegravir
Dr. Claire Thorne
  Intensification of antiretroviral treatment with raltegravir for late-presenting HIV-infected pregnant women
Dr. Thanyawee Puthanakit
  Is Tenofovir Use in Pregnancy Associated with Preterm Delivery? A Canadian Perinatal HIV Surveillance Program Analysis
Dr. Jason Brophy
  Hepatotoxicity in HIV+ Postpartum Women Initiating Efavirenz-Containing Regimens
Dr. Patricia Flynn
  Asymptomatic Hematologic Toxicity Associated with Very Early Combination Antiretroviral Therapy (cART) in In Utero HIV-infected Infants
Dr. Ellen Chadwick
 Session 3: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission
  Chair: Valériane Leroy
 Powis, Kate 2017 120x160HIV -Affected but Not Infected – The Dilemma of HIV-Exposed but Uninfected Infants
Dr. Kate Powis
 Oral Abstract Presentations
  Chair: Valériane Leroy
  The population effect of HIV exposure in HIV-uninfected children on infant mortality in Botswana and South Africa
Dr. Amy Slogrove
  Developmental outcomes of breastfed, HIV-exposed uninfected and breastfed, HIV-unexposed children in the context of universal maternal antiretroviral therapy: a prospective cohort
Dr. Stanzi Le Roux
 Session 4: Adolescent HIV
  Chair: Thanyawee Puthanakit
 Jao, Jennifer 2015The Second Generation: Pregnancy in Perinatal HIV Infected Women
Dr. Jennifer Jao
 Oral Abstract Presentations
  Chair: Thanyawee Puthanakit
  Inequality in mortality and access to antiretroviral therapy in adolescents living with perinatally-acquired HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: a Collaborative Initiative for Paediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER) Cohort Collaboration analysis
Dr. Marcel Yotebieng
  Attrition and treatment outcomes among perinatally and behaviourally HIV-infected adolescents and youths in Thai National AIDS program
Dr. Sirinya Teeraananchai
  What constitutes adolescent-friendly health services? Clinic characteristics that attenuate internalised HIV stigma among adolescents living with HIV.
Dr. Marija Pantelic
  Experiences of transition to adult care and readiness to self-manage care in young people with perinatal HIV in England
Dr. Ali Judd
 Debate: Self-Testing Should be Implemented for All Adolescents
  Chair: Diana Gibb
 Johnson, Cheryl 2017 120Debate: Self-testing should be implemented for all adolescents - Pro
Dr. Cheryl Johnson
 Chamie, Gabriel 2017 120x160Debate: Self-testing should be implemented for all adolescents - Con
Dr. Gabriel Chamie
 What constitutes “Adolescent Friendly” Programming?
  Chair: Annette Sohn
 Nicola Willis_120Discussion: What constitutes “Adolescent Friendly” Programming?
Dr. Nicola Willis
 Mellins Claude_2017 120x160Discussion: What constitutes “Adolescent Friendly” Programming?
Dr. Claude Mellins
 Dollfus, Catherine 2017 120x160Discussion: What constitutes “Adolescent Friendly” Programming?
Dr. Catherine Dollfus