Canadian HIV Clinical Forum – Integrase Inhibitors




 Session 1  -  Optimizing Routine HIV Clinical Management - Resistance
 State of the ART: What’s the same – what’s different –
Is it clinicially relevant?
Eric Arts, PhD
Western University, London (Canada)


 Jonathan Schapiro, MD

Heavily treatment experienced patients:
Time to use once daily streamlined regimens?
(Not yet available)

Jonathan Schapiro, MD
Sheba Medical Center, Israel


 Loutfy, Mona 2014 120Clinical case presentation
(Not available)

Mona Loutfy, MD, FRCPC, MPH
Women’s College Research Institute, Toronto, Canada
 Session 2  -  Optimizing Routine HIV Clinical Management - Pharmacology
 State of the ART: What’s the same – what’s different –
is it clinicially relevant?
Charles Flexner, MD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore (MD, USA)


 Managing drug-drug interactions in patients with multiple co-medications
Alice Tseng, PharmD
Toronto General Hospital, Toronto (Canada)


 Optimizing Routine HIV Clinical Management - Toxicity and Side Effects
 Monitoring and avoiding integrase inhibitor toxicity
Gordon Arbess, MD, CCFP
St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto (Canada)


 Reducing HIV associated inflammation – do the drugs matter?
Darrell Tan, BSc, MD, FRCPC, PhD
St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada


 Session 3  -  Optimizing Routine HIV Clinical Management - Looking at the Future
 Improving care of HIV infected women: What needs to be done
Sharon Walmsley, FRCPC, MD, MSc
University Health Network, Toronto (Canada)


 Reduced drug regimens – Pros and Cons
Gary Rubin, MD, MCFP, AAHIVS
University of Toronto, Toronto (Canada)


 Novel drug delivery systems: will they have a place in routine HIV clinical care?
(Not yet available)
Courtney Fletcher, PharmD
University of Nebraska, Omaha (NE, USA)


 Session 4  -  Roundtable Discussion
 Roundtable Discussion: What should HIV care look like in 2023?
(Not available)