European HIV Clinical Forum 2018 – Presentations


Saturday 27 October

 Session 1 - Integrase Inhibitors: an overview

Clinical Overview - Integrase Inhibitors - What's New?
Margaret Johnson, MD, FRCP - Royal Free London, NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom

 Resistance to Integrase Inhibitors - What Clinicians Need to Know
Roger Paredes, MD, PhD - IrsiCaixa Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
  Session 2 - Changing paradigm: Is reducing drug regimen an option?
 Reduced drug regimens - What are the Data?
José Arribas, MD - La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain
 Switch strategies
Pedro Cahn, MD, PhD - Fundación Huésped, Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Session 3 - Real-life data presentations
 Integrase Inhibitors in special patient populations
Sharon Walmsley, FRCPC, MD, MSc - University Health Network, Toronto, Canada
 Abstract Presentations
 Longer duration of virological suppression and a fully active companion drug ensure a high rate of virological control in HIV-1 infected patients switching to a dual therapy containing integrase inhibitors
Daniele Armenia - University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Rome, Italy
 Session 4 - Novel Approaches

Long acting ARV for treatment and prevention - clinical considerations
Laura Waters, MD - Central & North West London NHS Trust, Mortimer Market Centre, London, UK

 Novel delivery Systems - What's in the pipeline?
Courtney Fletcher, PharmD - University of Nebraska, Omaha (NE), USA