7th International Workshop on HIV & Aging

Foto 7th HIV & Aging

Photo: Mantas Kubilinskas

The very successful 7th edition of the International Workshop on HIV & Aging took place on 26 - 27 September 2016 at the Hamilton Hotel in Washington DC, USA.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank all invited speakers and participants for their contribution to this workshop!|

From the workshop there is a medical report writen by Mark Mascolini.

We would like to thank our supporters ViiV Healthcare, Gilead, Janssen and Siemens for making this event possible.

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Expert Todd T. Brown on HIV and Aging Research

"This (workshop) is a superb setting for investigators to showcase their cutting-edge research in the area of HIV and Aging. It’s a small, but very high-quality, abstract-driven meeting that fosters excellent discussion between participants and offers networking opportunities, especially for young investigators."

Healthspan Campaign, an Alliance for Aging Research publication, is featuring HIV & Aging Expert and Chair of the 7th HIV & Aging Workshop, Dr. Todd Brown. The feature goes into depth about Dr. Brown's research and his drive behind putting HIV & Aging on top of every medical & policy agenda.