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Eliminating Hepatitis C by 2030 - Enhancing prevention care and treatment among people who inject drugs
Dr. M. Hellard, Monash University, Australia
Strategy for the Elimination of Hepatitis B and C (Academy of Medicine Report)
Dr. A. Aronsohn, University of Chicago, USA
Elimination of HCV: The DC Story
Dr. H. Masur, NIH, USA
The French and European Approach Towards Hepatitis Elimination
Dr. T. Asselah, Hôpital Beaujon, France
Consensus AASLD-EASL HBV Treatment Endpoint and HBV Cure Definition
Dr. A. Lok, University of Michigan, USA
Global Strategies to Eliminate Hepatitis B (ICE-HBV)
Dr. P. Revill, Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, Australia
  Epidemiologic impact of expanding chronic hepatitis C (CHC) treatment in people who inject drugs (PWID) in the United States (US): a mathematical model using data from the C-EDGE CO-STAR Study
Dr. M. Robertson, Merck, USA
  Novel Nucleosides, CMCP and CFCP, Potently Block the Infectivity and Replication of Wild-type and Drug-resistant HBVs in Culture and in Human-liver-chimeric Mice and Show Potential QW or Q2W (not available)
Dr. H. Mitsuya, NIH, USA