HIV Microbiome 2018 – Presentations


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

  Session 1: Pathogenesis
Chairs: Cara Wilson & Sandra Pinto Cardoso
 Chemistry from the Microbiome and its role in health and disease
Robert Quinn, PhD - Michigan State University
 Heathy guts exclude oxygen
Andreas Bäumler, PhD - UC Davis School of Medicine
 Abstract-driven presentations:
 Rapid gut epithelial repair at the enteroendocrine-immune intersection through microbiota-mediated rescue of tryptophan metabolism during chronic HIV/SIV infection
Clarissa Santos Rocha
 HIV-associated gut microbiome differences and concurrent immune activation are dependent on host context
David Gootenberg
(Not yet available)
 Session 2: Transmission & Prevention
Chairs: Laurel Lagenaur & Roger Paredes
 The role of the intestinal microbiome in modulating HIV transmission risk
Ian McGowan, MB, ChB, DPhil, MD, FRCP - University of Pittsburgh
 Monitoring and modifying the microbiome in the immunocompromised host
Ami Bhatt, MD, PhD - Stanford Medical School

Wednesday, 16 October 2018

 Session 3: Comorbidities (Metabolic)
Chairs: Satya Dandekar & Ronald Collman
 Gut microbiota, chronic inflammation and metabolic syndrome
Andrew Gewirtz, PhD - Georgia State University
 Abstract-driven presentations:
 Analysis of gut microbiota composition in ART-treated perinatally HIV-infected patients reveal a distinct profile associated with inflammatory and cardiac biomarkers
Libera Sessa
(Not yet available)
 HIV COPD: Could differential host recognition of the lung microbiome be contributing to pulmonary disease?
Daniel Dunlap
 Session 4: Vaccines
Chairs: Que Dang & Angela Malaspina
 Mucosal microbiomes with HIV infection and protection
Scott Handley, PhD - Washington University School of Medicine
 Effect of probiotic treatment on SIV/HIV vaccination
Jennifer Manuzak, MD, MS - University of Washington
 Abstract-driven presentations:
 A compositional transform reveals HIV exposure induced shifts in the fecal microbiota and vaccine responsiveness of Nigerian infants
Bryan Brown
 Session 5: Therapeutics
Chairs: Stacy Carrington-Lawrence & Frederic Bushman
 Abstract-driven presentations:
 Fecal transplantation from HIV-negative and HIV-positive men to gnotobiotic mice reveals immunological effects of gut microbiota associated with sexual behavior
Sam Li