HIV Microbiome Workshop – presentations

  Session 1: Pathogenesis
Chair: A. Landay
Functional Role of Gut Microbiota in Chronic Liver Disease
Dr. G. Wu, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Lung Microbiome & HIV (modified version coming soon)  
Dr. R. Collmann, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  Abstract presentations
 Differences in gut microbiota related metabolic pathways between Elite Controllers and HIV-progressors (modified version coming soon)
Dr. J. Vesterbacka, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
 Human gut microbial gene richness correlates with HIV infection (not available)
Dr. Y. Guillén, IrsiCaixa Foundation, Spain
  Session 2: Transmission and Prevention (Microbicides)
Chair: S. Dandekar
Mother to Infant Transmission (not available)
Dr. G. Aldrovandi, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, USA
Live Biotherapeutics: How the Vaginal Microbiome Can be Modified to Prevent HIV Infection
Dr. L. Lagenaur, National Institute of Health, USA
  Abstract presentation
 Cervicovaginal bacteria impact HIV acquisition in young South-African women (modified version coming soon)
Dr. C. Gosmann, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, USA
  Session 3: Round table discussion: Steps forward
Chairs: Q. Dang, S. Carrington
The NIH’s human microbiome project
Dr. L. Proctor, National Institute of Health, USA
  Session 4: Comorbidities
Chair: R. Collman
Role of the Microbiota in the Control of Tissue Immunity (modified version coming soon)
Dr. Y. Belkaid, National Institute of Health / Division of Intramural Research, USA
The Human Microbiome and Cancer: New Opportunities For Population Studies
Dr. E. Vogtmann, National Institute of Health / National Cancer Institute, USA
Oral microbiota in relation to HIV infection and oral infection in perinatally HIV-infected adolescents
Dr. B. Paster, The Forsyth Institute, USA
  Abstract presentations
 Case Control study of the oral microbiome in HIV uninfected individuals compared to HIV positive individuals before and after HAART
Dr. D. Malamud, New York University, USA
  Session 5: Microbiome & Vaccines
Chairs : A. Malaspina & S. Carrington
The “Window of Opportunity”: Harnessing the Pediatric Immune Landscape for Life-Long Vaccine-Elicited Protection
Dr. S. Permar, Duke University School of Medicine, USA
Influence of the Microbiota on Immune Responses to RhCMV/SIV Vaccines (not available)
Dr. D. Hartigan-O’Connor, University of California, USA
  Session 6: Virome and Mycobiome
Chairs: A. Malaspina & S. Carrington
The Impact of Age and Diet on the Non-Human Primate Microbiota (modified version coming soon)
Dr. I. Pandrea, University of Pittsburgh, USA
The Mycobiome and How it Influences Disease
Dr. M. Ghannoum, Case Western University, USA
  Abstract presentations
 Enteric virome analysis of non-invasive samples from gorillas by next-generation sequencing and association with SIV infection
Dr. D. D’arc, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Alterations in the Enteric Microbiome and Virome and Immune Activation among HIV-infected Individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States  (modified version coming soon)
Dr. D. Gootenberg , Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard , USA