HIV Transmission 2018 – Presentations


Saturday, 20 October 2018

  Session 1: Microbiome and inflammation
 Immune modulatory effects of vaginal microbiota organic acid metabolites on lower female reproductive tract epithelial cells
Gilda Tachedjian
 Genital Inflammation and PrEP effectiveness
Lyle Mckinnon,PhD, Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa, South Africa
  Session 2: Animal models for prevention
 Abstract-driven presentation
 A penile model in rhesus macaques to assess pharmacokinetics and characterization of HIV target cells within anatomical compartments of penile tissue
Alison Kohlmeier
 In vivo analysis of penile HIV-1 acquisition
Martina Kovarova
(Not yet available)
 Post-exposure prophylaxis with single doses of combination EVG/COBI/FTC/TAF protect macaques against Rectal SHIV Infection
Ivana Massud
 Leveraging antibody-mucin interactions to enhance vaccine function 
Thomas Hope. PhD, Northwestern University, USA
(Not yet available)
 Session 3: Abstract driven presentations
 Transmitted/Founder Virus-Like Variants are Archived in the Reservoir
Kelsie Brooks
 Comparison of genetic sequences from donor and recipient viruses from linked subtype A transmission pairs
Samantha Mcinally
 HIV, HBV and HCV infection and linkage to care in migrants: The Immigrant Take Care Advocacy (I.Ta.C.A.) experience in Palermo
Maurizio Milesi
 Session 4: The future of prevention
 Where are we with long-acting treatment?
David Margolis, MD, MPH, ViiV Healthcare, USA
 Where are we with long-acting PrEP?
Leah Johnson, PhD, RTI International, USA