HIV Transmission 2019 – Enduring Materials


 Thursday, 12 December 2019

 Session 1: Network Identification for Prevention - I
Chairs: Walid Heneine & Charles Boucher
 Campbell, Ellsworth 2019 120x160Bioinformatics Methods for Cluster Analysis
Ellsworth Campbell
 Cluster Response and Implementation
Colin Flynn
Maryland Department of Health, USA
 Abstract-driven presentations
 Natural Selection Favoring More Transmissible HIV Detected in U.S. Molecular Transmission Network.
(No permission to publish slides)

Walid Heneine
 Clusters of Diverse HIV and Novel Recombinants Identified Among Persons Who Inject Drugs in Kentucky and Ohio.
Anupama Shankar
 Session 2: Network Identification for Prevention - II
Chairs: Walid Heneine & Amy Killelea
 Blower, Sally 120x160Using Spatial Network Analysis of Mobile Phone Data to Design HIV Control Strategies
(No permission to publish slides)
Sally Blower
 Abstract-driven presentations
 Human Mobility Patterns Generate Geographically Structured Sub-epidemics in Namibia.
(No permission to publish slides)
Eugenio Valdano
 Panel Discussion:
 Ethical, legal and Scientific Perspectives
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Moderator: Amy Killelea, NASTAD, USA
 Session 3: Early Events in Transmission - Animal Models
Chairs: Eric Hunter & James Arthos

Preferential Transmission of Transmitted Founder Variants Over Non-Transmitted Donor Partner Variants in the Humanized Mouse Intravaginal Challenge Model

Relevant abstract:
Interrogation of the Viral Genetic Determinants of HIV-1 Mucosal Transmission in the BLT Humanized Mouse Model

Claiborne, Daniel 2019 120x160Daniel Claiborne
MIT and Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

 Schneider, Jeffrey 120x160Enhanced Protection at the Site of Challenge of Rhesus Macaques That Receive PGT121 One Week Prior to Intravaginal Challenge With SHIV-SF162P3 
Jeff Schneider
Rush Medical College, USA
 Abstract-driven presentations
 The Capture of HIV-1 by Human PBMCs in the Presence of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Reveals Different Virus Capture Inhibition Profiles Between Infectious Molecular Clones and Primary Viruses.
(No permission to publish slides)

Jiae Kim
 Robust CAB-LA Protection of Macaques from Shiv Infection Despite Concomitant Double or Triple Sti Infection and Administration of Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate.
Ajay Vishwanathan
 Session 4: Early events in Transmission - Human models / acute infection cohorts
Chairs: Gabriella Scarlatti & Thumbi Ndung'u

Ndung'u, Thumbi 2015_120x160Data on African Acute Cohort Studies (FRESH)
Thumbi Ndung'u
Africa Health Research Institute, South Africa

 Robb, Merlin 2013Current and Future Work on the MHRP Acute Infection Cohorts
(Not yet available)

Merlin Robb
Henry M. Jackson Foundation, USA
 Abstract-driven presentations
 Ex Vivo Rectal Explant Challenge Model of HIV-1 Transmission Reveals Associations Between Endogenous Inflammatory Cytokine Production and HIV Replication.
(No permission to publish slides)

Phillip Murray
 Preliminary Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Immune Signatures Associated with Support of HIV Replication in Ex Vivo Challenged Rectal Mucosa.
(No permission to publish slides)

Abigail Smith
 The Distribution of Rectal Mucosal CD4 and CD8 Tissue Resident and Non-Tissue Resident Subsets and their Associations with HIV-1 Infectivity in the ex vivo Rectal Explant Challenge Model.
Grimsley Ackerley

Friday, 13 December 2019

 Session 5: Risk Factors of HIV Transmission in Adolescents
Chairs: Thumbi Ndung'u & Phyllis Kanki
 Allison, Susannah 2019 120x160Social and Behavioral Aspects of HIV Transmission in Adolescents
Susannah Allison
National Institute of Mental Health, USA


Brockman, Mark 2019 120x160Biological Differences; Vaginal Transmission/ Mucosal Injury
Mark Brockman
Simon Fraser University, Canada


Biological Differences; Rectal Transmission/ Mucosal Injury
Colleen Kelly
Emory University School of Medicine, USA

 Abstract-driven presentations
 Pharmacology of Potential Event-driven Dosing Regimens for HIV Prevention Among Men Who Have Sex with Men.
Richard Haaland
 On-demand Pre- and Post-exposure Prophylaxis by Vaginal Inserts Containing TAF and EVG in Macaques.
(No permission to publish slides)

Charles Dobard
 Session 6: Novel Antiviral Agents and Delivery Systems
Chairs: Charles Boucher & Thomas Hope
 Hope, Thomas web klein 2011Pre-clinical Animal Work on Ab's (imaging)
Thomas Hope
Northwestern University, USA
 garber, david 2019 120x160Passive and Vectored Immunoprophylaxis for HIV Prevention
(Not yet available)

David Garber
 VRC PI Portraits 2019BnAbs for Clinical Use: How far are we?
(Not yet available)

Julie Ledgerwood