HIV transmission – Presentations

Invited lectures

  Session 1: The role of the human microbiome
Chair: T. Hope & B. Mathieson
Bacteria building babies: the role of the microbiome in infant immune development (not available)
Dr. G. Aldrovandi, Mattel Children’s Hospital, USA
Microbial and host mucosal factors in the genital tract modulating PrEP efficacy and HIV infection risk in women (pending)
Dr. A. Burgener , University of Manitoba , Canada
  Session 3: Broad neutralizing AB’s - Pediatric studies
Chairs:G. Scarlatti, M. Goodenow and J. Patterson
Study of early development of broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV-1-infected infants
Dr. C. Simonich, University of Washington Medical Scientist Training Program, USA
The fine specificity and autologous virus neutralization potency of maternal antibodies that predict reduced HIV-1 mother to child transmission
Dr. S. Permar, Duke Global Health Institute, USA
IMPAACT 1112: Passive immunization safety and PK of VRC01 in infants (not available)
Dr. C. Cunningham, Duke Global Health Institute, USA
  Session 5: “Very early” acute cohorts
Chairs: A. Wensing & E. Hunter
Studies in early acute infection and implications for transmission and cure  (Pending)
Dr. M. Robb, Military HIV Research Program, USA
  Session 6: Prevention after the pill - Long acting formulation for the prevention of HIV: From design to delivery
Chairs: W. Heneine & Y. Halima
The Role of TAF in PrEP
Dr. K. Garrett, University of North Carolina, USA
Research update: drug development
Dr. M. Cohen, University of North Carolina, USA
Design engineering of vaginal rings: Drug release and HIV transmission (not available)
Dr. P. Kiser, Northwestern University, USA
Clinical development of a multipurpose prevention technology (pending)
Dr. G. Doncel, CONRAD, USA