9th International Workshop on HIV & Aging 2018 – Presentations


Thursday 13 September - Day 1

 Session 1: The geriatric assessment and interventions - part 1
Chair: David Moore
 Moore, Allison, MD, Geretric MedComprehensive geriatric assessment
Alison Moore, MD, MPH, FACP, AGSF, University of California San Diego, USA
 Rubin, Leah 2017 120x160Cognitive Aging in the Era of Effective Antiretrovirals
Leah Rubin, PhD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
 Abstract driven presentations 
 Mood disorders and risk of non-communicable disease multimorbidity among aging adults living with HIV
Jessica Castilho
(Not available)
 Aging with HIV: I’m fine, thanks for asking.
Nancy Mayo
  Session 2: The geriatric assessment and interventions - part 2
 OBrien, Kelly 2018, 120x160Translating Exercise Interventions into the Community with Adults Aging with HIV
Kelly O'Brien, PhD, PT, University of Toronto, Canada
 Marzolini, Catia 2016Polypharmacy
Catia Marzolini, PharmD, PhD, University Hospital Basel,  Switzerland
 Abstract driven presentations 
 Exercise-induced inflammatory changes among older adults with and without HIV
Melissa Wilson
 The impact of number of medications on falls in aging persons living with HIV
Leanne Thai
(Currently unavailable)
 Session 3: Mitochondrial medicine
Chair: Julian Falutz
 Payne, Brendan 2018Mitochondrial dysfunction in aging
Brendan Payne, PhD, Newcastle University, U.K
(Currently unavailable)
 Tawakol, Ahmed 2015_120Atherosclerosis in HIV: Insights into Biology, Detection and Management
Ahmed Tawakol, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
(Currently unavailable)
 Abstract driven presentations 
 Muscle mitochondrial function and contemporary anti-retroviral therapy
Matthew Hunt
 Metabolic syndrome is associated with neurocognitive deficits in persons living with HIV
Jessica Montoya
 Session 4: Immunity and aging
Chair: Charles Flexner
 Pahwa, Savita 2018Immunity and Aging: Impact of HIV infection
Savita Pahwa, MD, University of Miami, Florida, USA
(Currently unavailable)
 Abstract driven presentations 
 Hepatic steatosis is common in both younger and older adults living with HIV and associated with divergent immuno-metabolic profiles
Jordan Lake
 Memory loss: T cell subsets associated with mortality in HIV+ and HIV- veterans
Wyatt McDonnell

Friday 14 September - Day 2

 Session 5: Metabolic dysfunction and cognition
Chair: Scott Letendre
 Haughey, Norman, 2018Metabolic dysfunction and cognition
Norman Haughey, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
 Abstract driven presentations
 Effects of Comorbidity Burden and Age on Brain Integrity in HIV
Rowan Saloner
 Persistent pro-Inflammatory HIV-mediated glycomic alterations associate with neurological impairment during suppressive therapy.
Mohammed Abdel Mohsen
(Not available)
 The relationship between synaptodendritic neuropathology and HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders is moderated by age
Erin Sundermann
 Associations of loneliness with cognitive function and quality of life (QoL) among older adults living with HIV
Marianne Harris
 The relationship between amnestic mild cognitive impairment and biomarkers of inflammation among adults living with HIV
Laura Campbell
 Session 6: Frailty and sarcopenia
Chairs: Kristine Erlandson and Cara Wilson
 Montano, Monty 2018Identifying presymptomatic biomarkers for functional decline in people aging with HIV infection
Monty Montano, PhD, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
(Not available)
 Wilson, Cara 2015 120HIV and the Geriome: Linking Gut Dysbiosis to Inflammation
Cara Wilson, MD, University of Colorado, USA
(Not currently available)
 Abstract driven presentations
 Frailty phenotype: a clinical marker of age acceleration in the older HIV-infected population
Maria Matilde Sanchez - Conde
(Not currently available)
 Correlation between HIV-Index (HIVI), Protective Index (PI) and frailty in an HIV ageing population.
Giovanni Guaraldi

Session 7: Menopause in HIV+ women
Chair: Jonathan Schapiro

 Walmsley, Sharon 2012Considerations for the HIV-positive woman during menopause 
Sharon Walmsley, FRCPC, MD, MSc, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada
 Abstract driven presentations
 Frailty predicts fractures among HIV-infected and uninfected women: results from the Women’s Interagency HIV Study
Anjali Sharma
 Differences between older HIV-infected women and men regarding immunological recovery, comorbidity, physical function and quality of life
Fatima Brañas
(Currently unavailable)
 Session 8
 HIV & Aging – Community Priorities
Jeff Taylor, HIV & Aging Research Project-Palm Springs, USA
(Currently unavailable)