7th HIV & Women – Presentations

  Session 1: Controversies in breastfeeding
Chair: Natella Rakhmanina
Risks of HIV transmission through breastfeeding- a basic science perspective
Dr. L. Serghides, University of Toronto, Canada
Systematic review of the risk of transmission through breastmilk (cohorts and randomized studies)
Dr. M. Loutfy, Women’s College Research Insititute, Canada
  Abstract presentations
 Evaluation of cabergoline for lactation suppression in women living with HIV
Dr. K. Tulloch, Oak Tree Clinic, Canada
 US healthcare providers survey on breastfeeding among women living with HIV
Dr. M. Gross  Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, USA
 Economic evaluation of infant feeding modalities for mothers in Canada living with HIV
Dr. M. Loutfy, Women’s College Research Insititute, Canadaxx
  Discussion: Breastfeeding or not: pros and cons
Breastfeeding or not: Pros

Dr. N. Rakhmanina, The George Washington University, Children’s National Medical Center, USA

Breastfeeding or not: Cons 
Dr. L. Mofenson, Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation, USAxx

  Session 2: HIV and HCV
Chairs: Sharon Walmsley & Mariana Mardarescu
HIV and HCV co-infections in women
Dr. J. Rockstroh, University of Bonn, Germany
  Session 3: Issues for the HIV- discordant couple
Chairs: Catherine Hankins & Mona Loutfy
Criminalization and legal issues
Dr. P. Eba, UNAIDS, Switzerland
Male involvement
Dr. E. Ezeanolue, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Ongoing testing during pregnancy
Dr. J. Baeten, University of Washington, USA
  Session 4: Abstract session Issues around pregnancy and HIV
Chairs: Michelle Giles & Deborah Money
 Pregnancy and birth complications in women with HIV / AIDS in California: 1991-2010 (not available)
Dr. A. Arevalo , University Of California, Davis, USA
 Elvitegravir/cobicistat pharmacokinetics in pregnancy and postpartum
Dr. A. Stek, University Of Southern California, USA
 Identifying pregnant women for PrEP using routine antenatal care indicators in Kenya
Dr. J. Pintye, University Of Washington, USA
 Changes in genital tract HIV target cells with three progestin-based contraceptives
Dr. L. Haddad, Emory University School Of Medicine, USA
  Session 5: Older women. Postmenopausal issues
Chairs: Margaret Johnson & Sharon Walmsley
Routine health monitoring in the peri-post menopausal HIV woman
Dr. R. Greenblatt, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Sex-specific factors influencing cardiovascular disease risk among women aging with HIV
Dr. M. Zanni, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Mental health issues for postmenopausal women (not available)
Dr. L. Rubin, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  Abstract presentation
 Early onset menopause among women living with HIV in Canada
Dr. N. Andany
  Session 6: New drugs – implications for women
Chairs: Margaret Johnson & Natella Rakhmanina

Optimizing ARV for women
Dr. K. Squires, Jefferson University, USA

  Abstract presentations
 "The safety and efficacy of E/C/F/TDF in treatment-naïve women with HIV-1 infection (WAVES Study): week 96 results"
Dr. K. Squires, Jefferson University, USA
 "Efficacy and Safety of Switching to EVG/COBI/FTC/TAF in Virologically Suppressed Women"
Dr. S. Hodder
 Efficacy and Safety of Switching to RPV/FTC/TAF in Women (coming soon)
Dr. D. Hagins
 Women gain more weight than men following initiation of antiretroviral therapy
Dr. Bares, University Of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
 "Interaction Between Etonogestrel-releasing Implant and 3 Antiretroviral Regimens"
Dr. Kreitchman, Grupo De Apoio A Criança Soropositivo Mais Criança, Brazil
  Session 7: Stigma, disclosure and isolation and their clinical implications
Chairs: Patricia Vasquez & Mona Loutfy
Introduction from the ELLA study, 2 brief clinical cases
Dr. P. Vasquez, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Chile
The many faces of stigma (not available)
Dr. C. Logie, University of Toronto, Canada
HIV disclosure: an overview (coming soon)
Ms. W. Tharao, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, Canada
  Session 8: Abstract session: violence and stigma
Chairs: Angelina Namiba & Natella Rakhmanina
 "Health outcomes associated with gender-based violence among women living with HIV in Canada"
Dr. C. Logie, University of Toronto, Canada
 "HIV disclosure without consent linked to increased risk of verbal and physical violence against women living with HIV in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia"
Dr. D. Barreto, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada
 "Realizing women’s reproductive rights in the era of ART: The negative impact of having one’s HIV status ‘outed’ on pregnancy decisions amongst women living with HIV in a Canadian setting"
Dr. P. Duff, British Columbia Centre For Excellence In HIV, Canada
 "The effect of gender-based violence on food security among a prospective cohort of women sex workers in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia"
Dr. D. Barreto, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Canada

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