IVHEM 2018 – Presentations


Friday 7 December 2018

 Opening Session
 Key note lecture on the elimination movement
John Ward
 WHO - update on the performance indicator
Yvan Hutin
 The economic barriers preventing elimination – the importance of an investment
Margaret Hellard
 Session 1 - Monitoring: Finding the missing millions – HBV
Chairs: John Ward & Lina Nerlander
John Ward
 Real life experiences from: Myanmar
Khin Pyone Kyi
 Real life experiences from: Rwanda
Constance Mukabatsinda
 Session 2 - Monitoring: Finding the missing millions – HCV
Chair: Michael Ninburg & Yvan Hutin
Michael Ninburg
 Real life experiences from: Egypt
(Not yet available)

Manal El-Sayed
 Real life experiences from: France
Sylvie Deuffic‐Burban
 Session 3 - Linkage to Care (both in Hep B and Hep C) How can we keep patients
in the care continuum?/Adherence to multi-year therapy

Chair: Olufunmilayo Lesi & Charles Boucher
(Not yet available)

Olufunmilayo Lesi
 The Netherlands
Marc van der Valk
Alisa Pedrana

Saturday 8 December 2018

 Session 4 - Strategic information
Chair: Jordan Feld & Vana Sypsa
Jordan Feld
 Real life experiences from: Greece - ARISTOTLE HCV:
A fast-track intervention to seek-test-link-treat PWIDs in Athens

Vana Sypsa
 Real life experiences from: Iceland
Sigurdur Olafsson
 Poster Discussion
 Intergrating Hepatitis C Virus Screening and Linkage to Care of Baby Boomers at Community Hospital Emergency Department
Angelica Mercado
 Monitoring viral hepatitis elimination – generating reliable estimates of hepatitis C prevalence
Ida Sperle-Heupel
 Hepatitis C care cascade in the country of Georgia: monitoring progress towards elimination
(Not yet available)

Tengiz Tsertsvadze
 Disproportions in the HCV incidence between Centers Addictions and Harm Reduction Units
Jorge Valencia La Rosa
 Integrated testing and integrated diagnostic platforms of Hepatitis B and C with HIV and TB in Rwanda
Jean Damascene Makuza
 HCV, HBV and HIV infection and linkage to care in migrants: The Immigrant Take Care Advocacy (I.Ta.C.A.) experience in Palermo
Marco Tutone
 Session 5 - Integrated approaches – collaboration between the various stakeholders to optimize the use of resources
Chairs: Jeffrey Lazarus & Manal El-Sayed
Jeffrey Lazarus
 Real life experiences from: Georgia
Amiran Gamkrelidze
 Real life experiences from: US
Tim Morgan