Materials – Tokyo Hepatitis Clinical Forum 2019


Monday 28 October 2019

 Session 1 - Hepatitis/ liver diseases in Japan
Chairs: Kazuhiko Koike & Charles Boucher

Epidemological trends in viral Hepatitis B and C in Japan
(No permission to publish slides)
Junko Tanaka, MD, PhD
Hiroshima University, Japan


Trend of NAFLD/ NASH in Japan
(No video available)
Katsutoshi Tokushige, MD
Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan


Trends in epidemiology of hepatitis B and HCC in Asia
(No video available)
Sang Hoon Ahn, MD, PhD
Yonsei University College of Medicine, South Korea

 Session 2 - Clinical management of Hepatitis C
Chairs: Tesuo Takehara & Man-Fung Yuen
 State-of-the-Art: Current clinical management of hepatitis C in Japan
(No permission to publish slides or video)

Nobuyuki Enomoto, MD, PhD
University of Yamanashi, Japan

Hepatitis C management in special populations
Mark Nelson, MD
Chelsea And Westminster Hospital, United Kingdom



Challenges in the era of hepatitis C cure
Naoya Sakamoto, MD
Hokkaido University, Japan


 HCV-associated HCC - Basics and clinics
(No permission to publish slides or video)

Naoya Kato, MD, PhD
Chiba University, Japan
 Session 3 - Clinical management of Hepatitis B
Chairs: Naoya Kato & Naoya Sakamoto
 State-of-the-Art: Current clinical management of hepatitis in Japan
(No permission to publish slides or video)

Hiroshi Yatsuhashi, MD
NHO Nagasaki Medical Center, Japan

Management of Hepatitis B reactivation
(No video available)
Yasuhito Tanaka, MD, PhD
Nagoya City University, Japan


Co-infection of HIV, HBV and HCV
(No permission to publish slides or video)

Hiroyuki Gatanaga, MD, PhD
National Center For Global Health And Medicine, Japan


New anti-HBV drugs in the pipeline
(No video available)
Man-Fung Yuen, DSc, MD, PhD
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kongyyy


Tuesday 29 October 2019

 Session 4 - Hepatitis C elimination strategies
Chairs: Nobuyuki Enomoto & Peter Revill

Update on Hepatitis C elimination strategies
(No permission to publish slides)

Margaret Hellard, MD
Burnet Institute, Australia


Immunological aspects of HBV and HCV infection 
Tatsuya Kanto, MD, PhD
National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan

 Current treatment of decompensated cirrhosis
(No permission to publish slides or video)

Tetsuo Takehara, MD
Osaka University, Japan
 Session 5 - Future clinical management of liver diseases
Chairs: Yasuhito Tanaka & Margaret Hellard

Progress in Hepatitis B cure research
Peter Revill, MD, PhD
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, Australia


 Current and future treamtments of NASH
(No permission to publish slides or video)

Atsushi Nakajima, MD
Yokohama City University, Japan

Current and future local therapies for early stage HCC
Shi-Ming Lin, MD
Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan



Evolving treatment paradigm and future landscape in HCC
Masafumi Ikeda, MD
National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japan



Closure of the conference
Kazuhiko Koike, MD, PhD
University of Tokyo, Japan