RespiDART 2018 – Presentations


Thursday 29 November 2018

 Session 1 - Respiratory viruses: Global trends and current challenges
Chairs: Asuncion Mejias & Matthias Götte
 Keynote lecture: Current challenges, regulatory considerations, and emerging viruses
(Not yet available)
Ralph Baric, PhD - University of North Carolina, United States
 Plenary Lecture: Opportunities and Challenges for a Broadly Protective Influenza Vaccine
Gary Nabel, MD - Sanofi, United States
 Session 2 - Therapeutics against respiratory viruses: Clinical advances &
industry perspective (Non-CME)
Chairs: Raymond Schinazi & Gary Nabel
 RV521: A new and potent RSV fusion inhibitor in clinical development
Stuart Cockerill , PhD - Reviral Ltd., United Kingdom
 Cocrystal Pharma: Influenza drug pipeline design
Sam Lee , PhD - Cocrystal Pharma Inc., United States
 Discovery and development of novel and potent non-fusion inhibitors of RSV
Michael Rhodin, PhD - Enanta Pharmaceuticals, United States

Friday 30 November 2018

 Session 3 - Basic science, enzymology and respiratory virus inhibition strategies
Chairs: Charles Boucher & Masaru Kanekiyo
 Difficulties and barriers in developing RSV polymerase inhibitors
Rachel Fearns, PhD - Boston University School of Medicine, United States
 Session 4 - New study models and complications beyond acute respiratory infection
Chairs: David Marchant & Rachel Fearns
 3D Human epithelial models to study respiratory virus pathogenesis
Samuel Constant, PhD - Epithelix Sàrl, Switzerland
 Oral Abstract Session 1
 SB 9200 is a novel broad-spectrum antiviral agent effective against both
RSV and Flu
Diane Schmidt, PhD - Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, United States
 Structure-based prediction of influenza resistance mutations
Bryan Cox, PhD - Emory University, United States
 Risk factors for RSV severity in immunocompetent and immunocompromised adults presenting in an emergency department
Slim Fourati, MD, PhD - Inserm, France
 Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of antibody and T cell targeted immune responses towards RSV small hydrophobic protein
Genevieve Weir, PhD - IMV, Inc., Canada
 Session 5 - Immunology and advances in vaccine development
Chairs: Ralph Baric & Kirsty Short
 No permission to publish presentations for this session
 Oral Abstract Session 2
 PM Non-targeted diagnosis of multiple viral infections by means of shotgun metagenomic using deep sequencing
Slim Fourati, MD, PhD - Inserm, France